Spirals and Lines.

Mind is Linear While the Heart Spirals.

Staccato Lines of Mind.

The information and guidance that we receive from our heart does not come in a linear fashion which ultimately is why it clashes with the mind. The mind is linear, staccato, controlling and bossy, it wants everything and everyone to fit into it’s ideas about the world. It is a dictator at best if you let it go undisciplined.

Circular Spirals of Heart.

The heart feels circular beyond boundaries it flows in expansive creative spirals. As we experience them through our conscious mind it seems that they come in waves, it can seem unpredictable as our creative expression moves to the rhythm of the universe even though we are on Earth.

Eventually Mind Listens.

Due to this fundemental clash the mind fears the heart because as it fears what it cannot control. The heart has no choice but to seep quietly into the mind as we sleep, it heals, it answers questions, and reveals brilliant ideas. The conscious mind, of course, believes it was its idea all along. On other occasions the heart becomes loud when the mind has been through trauma, it’s broken down, questioning it’s own system, and has no choice but to listen.

The mind should listen though, because the heart is a transcendental center. It is the point where you can reach in and pull out concepts that represent, to a tee, exactly what you need. These concepts that we can also call guidance or inspiration are multi-dimensional at their core, they are beyond time and space. They are your brand of  pure, raw, universal energy and because of that they can sometimes come across as huge, reaching concepts. When you think about it it’s really no surprise your conscious mind feels insecure when it can’t fit information into boxes and label it. Your heart is like that magnetic, attractive, talented, witty, magical person at the party that everyone wants to talk to. Our minds are the person dancing awkwardly in the corner, off beat, completely baffled as to why they aren’t the centre of attention.

Heart is Beyond Time.

The heart is the seat of our creative energy and creative potential, it is our cordate shaped internal piece of the universe,  and  it flows in a rhythm that mimics the pulsation of your soul. This can be confusing as your conscious mind cannot keep time, literally. Our heart will broadcast specific ideas and they will make almost no sense to your conscious mind as it may not feel as though it is the time to act in the manner it suggests. Little does your lower mind know, your higherself is not only bringing you what you need in this moment it is constantly setting you up for what you need in a few weeks or a few years. Many times when the reason why the guidance we recieve doesn’t make any sense is because it doesn’t make sense for right now within the paradigms of your mind, however, it makes complete sense for where you will be in the future. The heart does not see time, it sees every amazing thing that you want to happen in your life as already happening, it is simply just trying to get you to keep up, to flow with it, to rise to the occasion. Your higherself/heart is constantly laying your foundation and systematically pulls to you all that you need in all directions of time in the most efficient way. If it’s guidance seems strange know that it feels that way because it is beyond time and it is therefore beyond a paradigm that you feel comfortable in.

The Heart Adjusts You In the Smallest of Moments.

You may also be guided to have specific experiences that seem pointless to you. However, know that in those experiences a quiet alchemy is occurring within you. You are merging with frequencies that you didn’t even know you were hungry for. So much of the hearts work is unseen, it adjusts you with small encounters and experiences that seem irrelevant. Those quiet moments gain their power from the fact that they are perfectly timed experiential medicine, powerfully shifting you into a place where you can become more than you are. It could be eye contact with a stranger as we are completely engrossed in our iPhone, the discussion your eyes had, adjusted you in a small but perfect way. It may be a sudden urge to go for a walk, little do we know the sound of the birds and the smell of the Earth transformed us just enough to be in the right mood to approach our job interview. Our higherselves know that some of the most powerful magic is quiet and elusive to our waking mind.

Our hearts know that subtle moments that happen at the perfect time are much more powerful than large, planned events that may or may not line up with universal timing. To put it bluntly, our conscious mind really has no idea where we need to be or what we need to do, it’s job is not to create but to  assist in carrying out creative inspiration from the heart.  As we move into our heart we realize that it is the seemingly smallest movements, and the smallest efforts supported by the divine time of the heart that brings the most change. The heart always aligns you in a perfect eclipse with your highest purpose, highest joy possible in that moment. We should not doubt the part of us that moves with the acuity of the universe, as there will never be a more accurate guide. We can see that in the lives of people who have come to know this first hand, as they move with an efficiency in life that seems miraculous.

The heart seems indirect  as it is beyond time and space and therefore beyond the framework of the waking mind. This is not something to be intimidated by or confused by. This is a phenomenon we can learn to find comfort and trust  in. We don’t have to try to control every little detail in our lives, why bother when there is a part of you waiting quietly with all the answers. A part of you that unconditionally lines you up for the best and makes appropriate shifts without you even needing to ask. When we begin to find comfort in our hearts round about way if communicating we can begin embracing the mystery and expect the best with peaceful confidence. After all it only seems round-about because it is impossible for our conscious minds to grasp the trail of perfection that is being traced for us in the chain reaction that occurs between our heart and the pure energy of source. In that place all that we need, all that we are, will come forward and when that happens we realize the true joy in life is integrating the pieces of the universe that we represent. That is the truest joy we will ever find, it will never end and we will never stop expanding to hold more of it.


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