Born Through Planets.

I gathered this yesterday while swimming in purple oceans of the Pleiades. It did not take long before pearls formed behind my eyes and I had to come home and show you.


When you were born all of the planets in the solar system were proud to stand in perfect solitude, still, but loud with their meaning so you could pass through them as you gathered yourself tighter and tighter into form. As you passed through them you became them, your cells echoed them and in your direct resonance to each other you agreed to dance. As they moved you would move. Their placement inside you and their movements became your personality,  it told the energy how to mould your body and it even structured the rhythm of your breath. All of these things that make you who you are can be traced back to when you were the universe. You needed to be formed of pieces of the solar system that you were to journey in. You needed the codes and the language that we now come to see as archetypes. These are the roots of who you are, these orbs we can go an entire day without even considering, pull the oceans inside of you. They are forgettable because we are so close to them we cannot see the seams that sew us together.

Beyond the family of planets that circle our sun are other bodies, soon we will come to know their rhythm inside of us as well. They become more relevant as we begin to expand deeper and deeper into our own consciousness. They represent pieces of us that are slowly waking up, and when we come to know them we will realize that they have been talking to us all along in voices we thought were our own.






When I was born Uranus and Neptune agreed to colour my cells the most orthodox shade of unusual. 

Uranus is change, he always reminds us who we are, he is made of mirrors and when he is around it doesn’t matter what is happening in your life he forces you to look. Uranus is the planet who knows your truth and will sing it back to you- loudly. If he takes up a lot of space inside of you you will do this for others, you cannot help it, it is who you are. When you come to feel him approaching let go of all the structures you have as in his presence all that is not real will fall apart. Illusion in any form cannot co-exist with Uranus. Uranus knows that we are strongest when we are in realization that we are god, he knows that process is the vehicle for all change in this world and his. He knows that nothing can hurt you and that you are infinite and capable beyond your wildest dreams. He pushes you into yourself.

planet uranus


Neptune is watery, and if you do not accept his presence or know how he moves within you his water turns to steam and he will blur your eyes with fog- he becomes the planet of illusion. What he really wants you to know is that he is a bridge builder, catching his tides mean seeing into other worlds, and if you are conscious you can catch the ebb see a new world and then on the flow return to teach about it. He does not wish for you to swim too deeply in his water and lose who you are, or not see reality. He doesn’t want to haze your eyes with confusing fog, he wants you to understand his rhythm and use it to be the creator that you came to be. He wants you to ride his surf back and forth joining the seen and unseen so that new structure can be formed within the world. He wants you to use his depth to become a visionary. All he has touched within you is an opportunity for you to see beyond what others can so you can  know it higher and deeper.


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