The Descension of the Masculine and Feminine.

The Balancing Cycle of the Masculine and Feminine.



This is a rough draft that isn’t really finished and it is part channeled via a Pleiadian cord so some of the grammar may be weird.  Also as this deals with the dynamics of women and men and masculine and feminine the issue of sexuality comes into play. Heterosexuality and homosexuality especially, it must be noted that this is not an exploration into the expression of sexuality it is an exploration of the masculine and feminine expression using men and women as archetypes to understand the masculine and feminine principals of the god head and their expression on the planet(s). Speaking about the union of men and women or the role of men and women in relationships is not to the exclusion of homosexual relationships as homosexual relationships are just as much an expression of feminine and masculine principals as heterosexual ones, they are just as valid. I just wanted to make that good and clear 😉



Feminine Karmic Cycles Have Reached a Releasing Treshold.


There are many cycles of Karma to be healed and dealt with within human consciousness, karma is just another word for a story that is unfinished, a story that has been created in order to fully and deeply understand an aspect of consciousness. One karmic story that can provide a great deal of healing is understanding the feminine karma, the feminine journey in our solar system and on this planet, as the base feminine energies are currently meeting thresholds that are allowing balance. This is the first opportuinity for this level of balance within the feminine karmic story for thousands upon thousands of years, since the descension of this planet. As we are now leaning into an ascension cycle balancing thresholds are being met in order to facillitate unity consciousness and integrate all that has been learned after the descension.



This is why we are now at a time in our evolution where the feminine is re-emerging. Not women, or the female species, the feminine. The feminine is inherently indescribable as it is one of the base frequencies that our consciousness is made from and expresses itself through. Males and females each have their own unique internal structures that facilitate the expression of feminine energy in their own way in accordance to the shape of their soul.  We can also see and  experience it’s expression in our world around us as it is expressed in all form and all experience. The female form is the physical embodiment of the feminine energy although having a female form does not mean that your individual relationship with the feminine is balanced, it just means you chose to take on a physical structure that represents direct aspects of the feminine  for your own adventuring. Having a female form does not necessarily make you feminine either, it simply means that you chose to take on a physical form that was an expression of the feminine and physical form is not an indicator of how you express your feminine core frequencies.


The Matriarchy.


There is much confusion about the “supression of the feminine” and the “domination of the masculine” within society. Many people think that the suppression females experience on the planet today is due to overbearing males who are out of control and imbalanced in their masculinity, we are here to tell you now that this is not so. Thousands of years ago Earth was a goddess culture. It began with both sexes having equal standing within the community, each one different but equal in their value and their expression. Gradually women began to lead as a response to a complimentary shift in the planets energy that made living within the emotional body very conductive and powerful. As women have larger/deeper emotional bodies compared to men they naturally thrived and became the head of communities and families. Women were highly regarded in their ability to directly connect two worlds, the unmanifested and the manifested this ability was the corner stone of society. Today deeply understanding the manifested world, (what can be seen and touched) is favoured and the understanding of the unmanifested world is not; The masculine perspective has become the centre point of society. The expression of masculine and feminine has come full circle.


It must be said that it was not the feminine leading in a negative or over-powering way it was simply that women were very respected for their ability to carry and birth life into this world. It was augmented by the males natural instinct to protect, create space and penetrate the feminine. Each aspect, the feminine and the masculine, must cycle through a full expression point meaning Matriarchy and Patriarchy in order to be completely experienced and completely understood.


Descension Began Distorting Consciousness.


Karmic cycles are enhanced by ascending and descending cycles of consciousness. The ascension of consciousness and desecension of consciousness or the expansion and contraction of consciousness fuels self discovery and growth. These cycles are the night and day of human evolution, we become completely untied, and lost in the descension cycle in order to find ourselves and tie up loose ends in the ascension cycle.


Descending: Separation, Darkness, Feeling Lost, Expression of Ego.


Ascending: Integrative, Unitiy Consciousness, Light, Feeling Found, Expression of Heart.


The Feminine Began Distorting During the Descension.


Eventually as the energies of descension began to move through the planet thousands upon thousands of years ago the ego body became more and more active causing more and more distortions within the male and female psyche. The males protective, loving, active, space holding, role was becoming under valued and taken for granted. Females were becoming brutal, demanding and imbalanced in their emotions. They were experiencing sudden intense emotional pain due to the splitting of energies that were happening in their consciousness. They did not understand what was happening or how to express their intense shifting emotional blockages. Their immaculate intuitive abilities were unable to fully recognize the new frequencies of descension and their ego’s began to bring fear into their hearts.  The intuition that was once the cornerstone of the community was distorting and warping due to their disconnect from their nurturing compassionate nature.


The masculine did not understand what was happening as they did not feel the shifting as deeply as the women.  Men have emotional and feminine structures but they were not distorting in the same fashion that the women were experiencing. Women had a deeper emotional body due to their ability to birth children and nurture, it is within that extra capacity that the distortion began to form. Descension introduced a deepening and distorting that the souls within the bodies did not have reference points for.


This descent of the female took  generations to occur each generation moving farther and farther away and distorting more and more from their original power. Men began becoming angry, and resentful, they felt betrayed and taken advantage of, not dissimilar to how many women feel now.


Eventually the dynamic between men and women changed. This was part of the desencsion process and it was known before each soul incarnated into this cycle that the descension energies would cause this separation and distortion. This was explored so we could come to know ourselves deeper and we could come to know the feminine and masculine deeper.  When we come to know them deeply through the intensifying of the descension cycle we come to understand how to harmonize polarities and find knowledge and balance within the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


A side note about the vibrational climate of your world.


The masculine and feminine are the base 2 expressions that make up reality so understanding them from this angle of incarnation, the 3d angle meant deeply understanding god and creation. The 3d persepective of the nature of god is EXTREMELY valued in our universe. It provides many details and insights that cannot be obtained anywhere else, they must be obtained through feeling deep physical separation. Earth balances on a tiny line where it is on the boarder of being too far from the god head to remember who you are and therefore transmute the information you learn in all of the negativity that you experience. It is one of the farthest points from the godhead that consciousness’ can come back from. In other worlds, closer in vibrational proximity to the godhead, the influx of source energy is not as distorted and therefore the beings in those worlds do not feel as separate from each other or the godhead. They harmonize much easier and although they are subject to ascension and descension they are not as deeply expressed.


One of the distortion dynamics that was taking place was:


The manipulation of men through sexuality and emotions by women. The emotional energy of women mixed with sexuality is an extremely powerful healing and inspirational tool for men. Women were abusing this power, they were using it to take from men, gain materially, and exploit men.


Men began physically over powering women, raping them and exploiting them. They manipulated them through their ability to protect them, provide for them and physically over power them. Male and female interaction fell into roles where the male began dominating the female. They used their power and intellect to keep women down. The women became jealous of the mens strength, ability to hold space and deep logical mind. Men became jealous of womens ability to be emotional and intuitive.  This caused polarity inside where womens’ inner masculine and feminine became imbalanced and mens inner masculine and feminine became imbalanced. This imbalance was setting up each sex to integrate their opposite qualities, women were becoming drawn to become more logical and bring balance to their emotional bodies and men were becoming drawn to connect with their emotional bodies to bring balance to their mental bodies. All expressions of this imbalance were embodied and explored and have been for thousands of years. The descension polarized the masculine and feminine in order to draw them together to re-integrate their complimentary qualities into the human consciousness.


Beyond earth this dynamic was explored on Venus and Mars. Venus being the domination of the female and males being the domination of the male. Earth is the expression of both, the story is a microcsom in both.



Women Fell First.


Both men and women began to distort in their expression and interaction from each other however it was the women who began to fall first. This is where Eve comes in. Women fell first because of their connection to source via their powerful emotional body which gave them very powerful intuitive capabilities, it also supported their physical ability to birth life into this world. This made them subject to the descension energies first.



May we remind you that you have been both sexes, that you have danced on both sides of this game. What you physically are now is important however keep in mind that your physical body does not represent a side that you are on. You have dominated as both male and female and you have been dominated by both females and males. You would not incarnate into this reality, into this story unless you agreed to incarnate through these stories, these galactic dramas. The cells of your body remember this story and are asking you to finally tune into zero point and let it all go. let go of the anger, et go of the injustice and just be. Become balance.




Lonely Starseeds


Hello Denise. Thank You for your fantastic question. I am going to break it down piece by piece, this is the conversation we would have.


Hello Gigi,

I was hoping that you could address this because right now I’m confused.


So many times I’ve heard that we are light beings having an experience in a human body, which makes me wonder if there even is such thing as human beings as a race or if the only thing that exists are mere human vessels.


When in comes to comprehending the soul within a physical vessel we must begin training our minds to think multi-dimensionally or another way to think of thinking multi-dimensionally is to hold more than one concept in your mind at once and let them interact without conflict. Spiritual energy contains too many concepts simultaneously to completely fit in the boxes the physical mind creates in order to understand. This can lead us to feel confused and frustrated as we find a lot of comfort when we can fit concepts in our mind boxes.


That said, there are stories within stories being expressed during the incarnation process. You have your soul and the karmic stories it has chosen to carry as well as the physical body and its physical earthly karma that it has at its base. Your soul and its story blends with the story of the physical body and the story its race and gender has on this planet. The two stories generally augment each other and are specifically chosen in order to fully express and experience ones self.


That means that there are simultaneous stories/karmas as well a simultaneous levels of your own consciousness all playing out at once, all equally valid, all needed.




Recently I read this “…Others chose the hardest task, to enter into an alien body and have a life on one of the planets, such as Earth. Those who chose this difficult task are termed Starseeds.” Again my question would be aren’t we all Starseeds? Assuming that we are all from somewhere else?


Yes, we are all starseeds. Our higherself, the highers apect of our consciousness in which we incarnate through is full of many past, future and present/parallel lives. Some of those lives are on Earth during various times in various locations and others are on different planets in different solar systems during different times, even beyond time. All of that exists within each one of our oversouls, we all have access to that we all completely identify with that. Therefore we are all starseeds as everyone has the ability to recognize that they have incarnated beyond Earth and when that realization occurs they can begin channeling the wisdom from those places.


Many times integrating information of this nature needs to happen in stages, it needs to speak the your paradigms directly and as they shift more information can be revealed; information can expand. In the case of “starseeds” overly identifying was part of the process to get our consciousness to begin recognizing itself. People who began remembering their cosminc nature began calling themselves starseeds, not because other people weren’t, not to the exclusion of others necessarily, just because they were spearheading the grounding of this realization on the planet.


In reality every human being on this plant is very connected to the stars. Many spiritual guides are extra-terrestrials but choose to take on a more human form in order to not startle us or distract from the message.




More confusion when I read this “If you are a Starseed, as you read the words I am speaking, something occurs inside of you. A shift begins to take place inside of you, a knowing that is beyond physical words. You are a Starseed because you resonate with places outside of this planet. You are a Starseed because underneath all ordinary, mundane experiences, there is an urge to break free. There is a feeling that you have forgotten something, that there is a sleeping part of you that must fully wake up.” Yes this bit resonates with me and drives me crazy. Why can’t I remember? Why can’t I fit in?


You do fit in and you will remember. In order to feel ease you must surrender. All information about your cosmic connections come forward when there is a stable mind and heart, when you are in co-herance. Be still, meditate, focus on breathing and feeling peaceful, all is well.


The feeling of missing somewhere and the urge to break free is the urge to feel completely connected to your higherself. The higherself, the heart is the home that we carry inside ourselves, when we go there in peace and stillness all that we need to know comes. You will always resonate with places outside of this planet because their frequencies make up who you are, it does not mean you want to go and live there, that craving is not to leave Earth or deny Earth, it is a longing to integrate and ground those frequencies to Earth. It is a longing to connect deeply with the higher part of you where all that information exists and pull it through your creative heart and express it/ ground it on Earth. Grounding our higher frequencies makes us feel like we are at home, it gives us purpose here.


If there is a deep longing or depression about missing your “home planet” or “ET family” to the point that you are negating Earth experiences then that is a signal that there is an imbalance within your perception. Are you creating from your heart? Are you spending enough time taking care of yourself and doing what you love? Generally when we feel disconnected from our planet in favour of another it is because we have not yet learned how to express ourselves here so we fall into escapism and longing to be in another place. Get in touch with your heart, invest in yourself, take care of yourself and your needs, create, fulfill your purpose here and that will go away. We did not incarnate here to sit in our rooms lonely looking at the stars, feeling pis*ed off that we are on this stupid planet. We came here to feel the exhileration of working from our hearts, expressing our purpose here, to take responsibility for grounding our higher-self into this soil into this world.



“Many Starseeds become very alone during this transition, but they are simply becoming aware that they are not human.” What are humans anyway? Merely bodies?


This is worded in a lonely way. I am not sure where you read this but it’s a little on the lonely side, delivery is important and I am not sure this delivery is on point emotionally. Anyway, Humans are spectacular. They are forms that have the ability to be physical and experience beauty in a deep profound way. Human beings are deeply deeply perfect creatures, with bodies that are blended precisely to the higherself in order to be physical creating machines for divine energy. It is not that we are “not human” as we clearly are, it is that we are more than human. Realizing that you are more than your body can be a lonely process as the people around you may not be at that point in their awakening process and you may feel as though you are going against the grain. That feeling of loneliness is par for the course during any level of change or self discovery not just opening up your cosmic consciousness.


For some reason my connection behind the veil is “disconnected” so I have to rely on what other people write or say when it comes to this deep state of confusion… It breaks my heart to know that there is so much more and for some reason I can’t access it.


Love, it breaks my heart that you honestly believe the above statement is true. It is not. You have a powerful flow of divine energy coursing through you at all times. Within that flow is every answer you can imagine and ones you have yet to even consider. Be gentle on yourself, drop expectations and let it flow, higher consciousness rises to the surface when you feel at ease and when you let is show itself as it is, as opposed to as we expect it to be. That may sound strange but if you feel disconnected it is because you have beliefs about the interpretation of spiritual energy that are not congruent with the way it works. You have conflicting thoughts about yourself or the process at large. My advice is to completely surrender and let go, start a meditation routine and light your heart up with zero control or expectaiton as to what will happen. You must be dedicated to your own surrender.


I hope that helps,





Guide Entrainment



In my last video “Meeting Guides and Frequency Matching” I briefly mentioned how our guides work with us through the introduction of specific frequencies. Here is a more in depth explanation of that process. I am going to just  straight channel this out so there may be some strangeness in wording.

 Your guides/ higherself are always communicating with you

Throughout your day your guides are communicating with you, their consciousness merges with your higherself or your own higher consciousness. They can see your life backwards and forwards in all directions of time. They know when you should leap forward and when you should just take it easy; their highest joy and your highest joy are the same so there is no reason for them to lead you anywhere but up.

Specific frequency bundles containing informational codes are funnelled down to you to help bring about a smooth integration wave. 

One of the ways in which that occurs is through the process of higherself entrainment. Higher Self entrainment is the process of your guides/higher self sending down a specific frequency that you recieve through the lower portion of your higherself down through your subconscious mind, into your conscious mind, and then if you are sensitive enough you can experience it in your body. These tones are specific keys that are instrumental in the awakening process. Your ability to integrate them can be directly co-related to the smoothness of your ascension process or your enlightenment process (which is magnified at this time.)


Within each tone is a specific core of frequencies and once it moves through your entire being specific shifts/adjustments are made. These tweaks are small adjustments that will help you integrate your next contraction wave or expansion wave. Upon their integration you will find yourself able to understand shifts in your life as they are happening. These entrainment bundles are much like reading ahead in life before something happens, you may not get specific information but the emotional body and the higher mind will shift in such a way that your conscious mind will be supported and answers will be laying in the wings, integrated a head of time.


Let the Frequency Bundle Expand (Ground into Your Being).

When you receive a frequency from your higherself, you will most likely become aware during meditation, or a moment that is evened by stillness, allow it to resonate within you. When that happens it will begin expanding, as it expands it will take on more feelings, more textures, or colours or sound (every person is different in their sensing of energy). When that happens begin to bring conscious intention to the frequency. Wrap it up with gratitude and acknowledgement by grounding it through your chakras, resonating it through your body and then sending it back up to your guide/ higherself monad. This allows the frequency to come full circle within you. Much of this work is not conscious and simply by adding your awareness to the frequency bundle that you are entraining you begin to return the signal. Please know that this is not a very conscious process and that your gentle awareness of this phenomenon is enough for integration, as is the case for much of the most powerful spiritual work.

This is a natural process becoming more obvious in our spiritual deepening/ awakening.

We all have the ability to practice entrainment with our guides and this process happens regularly to everyone. Many times we are not aware that this process exists or that it is even possible so we recieve the tone but do not respond. Ringing in the ears or sudden shifts in mood can indicate a new frequency has begun integrating into our consciousness. Regular meditation allows this process to happen quite naturally. When we ignore these tones, these frequencies that our higherself wants us to integrate shifts can become rocky or dramatic as within each frequency tone is a perfect bundle of information and vibrational healing codes that will carry allow you to glide through your next releasing threshold.


If you are worrying how you will know if you are entraining with your guide or not, you probably are. Simply by reading about this process you have formed deeper awareness and as it is a natural human process you will come to simply know when it is time to match frequencies with your guides/ higher self. The best way to not know whether or not you are entraining with your higherself is to question it until you can no longer interpret subtle energy,  over questioning activates the mind and drowns out subtle frequencies that represent the higher dimensions. Many individuals do this not even realizing what they are doing. As we become increasingly aware of our spiritual nature subtle process’ like entraining with ones guides  becomes a more obvious dynamic as the subtle becomes the obvious the more you sink into it.


Lion Being and Being Lion

It was the moment before sleep, blankets to my chin my body releasing into the unconscious world, when I met Ahlm. He appeared as my eyes were still closed, his image was projected into my awareness from somewhere else.  He was too clear and loud in his arrival to be a dream or anything I could imagine. He looked at me, and when he did, he saw all directions of time and all possibilities that lay before me. He had steely blue fur that was dulled by the heaviness of this dimension. He wore a dark robe with wide sleeves complete with a hood and gold detailing, it me think of a monk or druid. His energy was loud, silent, and acute with alignment.The most striking thing about him was his pride in his divine nature, it made him fearless in such a way I didn’t even know was possible. He spoke a few words that I could hear but most of what he said was inaudible to ears or any other organs made for perceiving this dimension.

Suddenly I realized  he pierced a hole in 3 veils to find me and remind me who I am. Here, now on this Tuesday night in the most mundane of evenings he winks into my world.

Since that night I have not forgotten the lion in me, and in our brief midnight moment he resonated out all of the pieces I needed for my next step. When we are in the presence of someone or something that  truly represents what we have forgotten we have no choice but to become it again through re-membering. We are all like dry sticks of  lumber waiting to be set ablaze with memories of who we really are and why we have come. It just takes a few sticks to light up with contagious fire in your presence before even you burn with (r)evolution.

A H L M .