Lion Being and Being Lion

It was the moment before sleep, blankets to my chin my body releasing into the unconscious world, when I met Ahlm. He appeared as my eyes were still closed, his image was projected into my awareness from somewhere else.  He was too clear and loud in his arrival to be a dream or anything I could imagine. He looked at me, and when he did, he saw all directions of time and all possibilities that lay before me. He had steely blue fur that was dulled by the heaviness of this dimension. He wore a dark robe with wide sleeves complete with a hood and gold detailing, it me think of a monk or druid. His energy was loud, silent, and acute with alignment.The most striking thing about him was his pride in his divine nature, it made him fearless in such a way I didn’t even know was possible. He spoke a few words that I could hear but most of what he said was inaudible to ears or any other organs made for perceiving this dimension.

Suddenly I realized  he pierced a hole in 3 veils to find me and remind me who I am. Here, now on this Tuesday night in the most mundane of evenings he winks into my world.

Since that night I have not forgotten the lion in me, and in our brief midnight moment he resonated out all of the pieces I needed for my next step. When we are in the presence of someone or something that  truly represents what we have forgotten we have no choice but to become it again through re-membering. We are all like dry sticks of  lumber waiting to be set ablaze with memories of who we really are and why we have come. It just takes a few sticks to light up with contagious fire in your presence before even you burn with (r)evolution.

A H L M .


3 thoughts on “Lion Being and Being Lion

  1. So true, we all walk the path, sometimes it gets foggy or we lose thought on where we are walking, once reminded who we are and why we are here it is indeed hard to forget. I like the analogy ‘sticks of lumber waiting to be set ablazed’ cause we are the Light, the enteral fire beathes and grows inside us all. Which is why we walk this path to enlightenment, and encourage others to walk with us. Stay strong and true friend.

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