Guide Entrainment



In my last video “Meeting Guides and Frequency Matching” I briefly mentioned how our guides work with us through the introduction of specific frequencies. Here is a more in depth explanation of that process. I am going to just  straight channel this out so there may be some strangeness in wording.

 Your guides/ higherself are always communicating with you

Throughout your day your guides are communicating with you, their consciousness merges with your higherself or your own higher consciousness. They can see your life backwards and forwards in all directions of time. They know when you should leap forward and when you should just take it easy; their highest joy and your highest joy are the same so there is no reason for them to lead you anywhere but up.

Specific frequency bundles containing informational codes are funnelled down to you to help bring about a smooth integration wave. 

One of the ways in which that occurs is through the process of higherself entrainment. Higher Self entrainment is the process of your guides/higher self sending down a specific frequency that you recieve through the lower portion of your higherself down through your subconscious mind, into your conscious mind, and then if you are sensitive enough you can experience it in your body. These tones are specific keys that are instrumental in the awakening process. Your ability to integrate them can be directly co-related to the smoothness of your ascension process or your enlightenment process (which is magnified at this time.)


Within each tone is a specific core of frequencies and once it moves through your entire being specific shifts/adjustments are made. These tweaks are small adjustments that will help you integrate your next contraction wave or expansion wave. Upon their integration you will find yourself able to understand shifts in your life as they are happening. These entrainment bundles are much like reading ahead in life before something happens, you may not get specific information but the emotional body and the higher mind will shift in such a way that your conscious mind will be supported and answers will be laying in the wings, integrated a head of time.


Let the Frequency Bundle Expand (Ground into Your Being).

When you receive a frequency from your higherself, you will most likely become aware during meditation, or a moment that is evened by stillness, allow it to resonate within you. When that happens it will begin expanding, as it expands it will take on more feelings, more textures, or colours or sound (every person is different in their sensing of energy). When that happens begin to bring conscious intention to the frequency. Wrap it up with gratitude and acknowledgement by grounding it through your chakras, resonating it through your body and then sending it back up to your guide/ higherself monad. This allows the frequency to come full circle within you. Much of this work is not conscious and simply by adding your awareness to the frequency bundle that you are entraining you begin to return the signal. Please know that this is not a very conscious process and that your gentle awareness of this phenomenon is enough for integration, as is the case for much of the most powerful spiritual work.

This is a natural process becoming more obvious in our spiritual deepening/ awakening.

We all have the ability to practice entrainment with our guides and this process happens regularly to everyone. Many times we are not aware that this process exists or that it is even possible so we recieve the tone but do not respond. Ringing in the ears or sudden shifts in mood can indicate a new frequency has begun integrating into our consciousness. Regular meditation allows this process to happen quite naturally. When we ignore these tones, these frequencies that our higherself wants us to integrate shifts can become rocky or dramatic as within each frequency tone is a perfect bundle of information and vibrational healing codes that will carry allow you to glide through your next releasing threshold.


If you are worrying how you will know if you are entraining with your guide or not, you probably are. Simply by reading about this process you have formed deeper awareness and as it is a natural human process you will come to simply know when it is time to match frequencies with your guides/ higher self. The best way to not know whether or not you are entraining with your higherself is to question it until you can no longer interpret subtle energy,  over questioning activates the mind and drowns out subtle frequencies that represent the higher dimensions. Many individuals do this not even realizing what they are doing. As we become increasingly aware of our spiritual nature subtle process’ like entraining with ones guides  becomes a more obvious dynamic as the subtle becomes the obvious the more you sink into it.


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