Lonely Starseeds


Hello Denise. Thank You for your fantastic question. I am going to break it down piece by piece, this is the conversation we would have.


Hello Gigi,

I was hoping that you could address this because right now I’m confused.


So many times I’ve heard that we are light beings having an experience in a human body, which makes me wonder if there even is such thing as human beings as a race or if the only thing that exists are mere human vessels.


When in comes to comprehending the soul within a physical vessel we must begin training our minds to think multi-dimensionally or another way to think of thinking multi-dimensionally is to hold more than one concept in your mind at once and let them interact without conflict. Spiritual energy contains too many concepts simultaneously to completely fit in the boxes the physical mind creates in order to understand. This can lead us to feel confused and frustrated as we find a lot of comfort when we can fit concepts in our mind boxes.


That said, there are stories within stories being expressed during the incarnation process. You have your soul and the karmic stories it has chosen to carry as well as the physical body and its physical earthly karma that it has at its base. Your soul and its story blends with the story of the physical body and the story its race and gender has on this planet. The two stories generally augment each other and are specifically chosen in order to fully express and experience ones self.


That means that there are simultaneous stories/karmas as well a simultaneous levels of your own consciousness all playing out at once, all equally valid, all needed.




Recently I read this “…Others chose the hardest task, to enter into an alien body and have a life on one of the planets, such as Earth. Those who chose this difficult task are termed Starseeds.” Again my question would be aren’t we all Starseeds? Assuming that we are all from somewhere else?


Yes, we are all starseeds. Our higherself, the highers apect of our consciousness in which we incarnate through is full of many past, future and present/parallel lives. Some of those lives are on Earth during various times in various locations and others are on different planets in different solar systems during different times, even beyond time. All of that exists within each one of our oversouls, we all have access to that we all completely identify with that. Therefore we are all starseeds as everyone has the ability to recognize that they have incarnated beyond Earth and when that realization occurs they can begin channeling the wisdom from those places.


Many times integrating information of this nature needs to happen in stages, it needs to speak the your paradigms directly and as they shift more information can be revealed; information can expand. In the case of “starseeds” overly identifying was part of the process to get our consciousness to begin recognizing itself. People who began remembering their cosminc nature began calling themselves starseeds, not because other people weren’t, not to the exclusion of others necessarily, just because they were spearheading the grounding of this realization on the planet.


In reality every human being on this plant is very connected to the stars. Many spiritual guides are extra-terrestrials but choose to take on a more human form in order to not startle us or distract from the message.




More confusion when I read this “If you are a Starseed, as you read the words I am speaking, something occurs inside of you. A shift begins to take place inside of you, a knowing that is beyond physical words. You are a Starseed because you resonate with places outside of this planet. You are a Starseed because underneath all ordinary, mundane experiences, there is an urge to break free. There is a feeling that you have forgotten something, that there is a sleeping part of you that must fully wake up.” Yes this bit resonates with me and drives me crazy. Why can’t I remember? Why can’t I fit in?


You do fit in and you will remember. In order to feel ease you must surrender. All information about your cosmic connections come forward when there is a stable mind and heart, when you are in co-herance. Be still, meditate, focus on breathing and feeling peaceful, all is well.


The feeling of missing somewhere and the urge to break free is the urge to feel completely connected to your higherself. The higherself, the heart is the home that we carry inside ourselves, when we go there in peace and stillness all that we need to know comes. You will always resonate with places outside of this planet because their frequencies make up who you are, it does not mean you want to go and live there, that craving is not to leave Earth or deny Earth, it is a longing to integrate and ground those frequencies to Earth. It is a longing to connect deeply with the higher part of you where all that information exists and pull it through your creative heart and express it/ ground it on Earth. Grounding our higher frequencies makes us feel like we are at home, it gives us purpose here.


If there is a deep longing or depression about missing your “home planet” or “ET family” to the point that you are negating Earth experiences then that is a signal that there is an imbalance within your perception. Are you creating from your heart? Are you spending enough time taking care of yourself and doing what you love? Generally when we feel disconnected from our planet in favour of another it is because we have not yet learned how to express ourselves here so we fall into escapism and longing to be in another place. Get in touch with your heart, invest in yourself, take care of yourself and your needs, create, fulfill your purpose here and that will go away. We did not incarnate here to sit in our rooms lonely looking at the stars, feeling pis*ed off that we are on this stupid planet. We came here to feel the exhileration of working from our hearts, expressing our purpose here, to take responsibility for grounding our higher-self into this soil into this world.



“Many Starseeds become very alone during this transition, but they are simply becoming aware that they are not human.” What are humans anyway? Merely bodies?


This is worded in a lonely way. I am not sure where you read this but it’s a little on the lonely side, delivery is important and I am not sure this delivery is on point emotionally. Anyway, Humans are spectacular. They are forms that have the ability to be physical and experience beauty in a deep profound way. Human beings are deeply deeply perfect creatures, with bodies that are blended precisely to the higherself in order to be physical creating machines for divine energy. It is not that we are “not human” as we clearly are, it is that we are more than human. Realizing that you are more than your body can be a lonely process as the people around you may not be at that point in their awakening process and you may feel as though you are going against the grain. That feeling of loneliness is par for the course during any level of change or self discovery not just opening up your cosmic consciousness.


For some reason my connection behind the veil is “disconnected” so I have to rely on what other people write or say when it comes to this deep state of confusion… It breaks my heart to know that there is so much more and for some reason I can’t access it.


Love, it breaks my heart that you honestly believe the above statement is true. It is not. You have a powerful flow of divine energy coursing through you at all times. Within that flow is every answer you can imagine and ones you have yet to even consider. Be gentle on yourself, drop expectations and let it flow, higher consciousness rises to the surface when you feel at ease and when you let is show itself as it is, as opposed to as we expect it to be. That may sound strange but if you feel disconnected it is because you have beliefs about the interpretation of spiritual energy that are not congruent with the way it works. You have conflicting thoughts about yourself or the process at large. My advice is to completely surrender and let go, start a meditation routine and light your heart up with zero control or expectaiton as to what will happen. You must be dedicated to your own surrender.


I hope that helps,





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