The Seeding. Creator Gods. Bloodlines.

The Seeding.

You are the creator beings.

The creator beings who seeded the planet are currently incarnated living within their creation. There is no separateness between creator gods and the beings created and expressing said creation. You are a creator god, if you were to follow your individual soul frequency up your oversoul you would discover it merging, like a drop of water into an ocean, with the highest level of creator beings. Understanding this, that you created this world as opposed to someone outside of you, is an incredibly empowering truth to grasp. It allows you to begin creating a much bigger life for yourself as you realize you are part of the bigger picture within this planets history and future.

Royal Bloodlines.

Every race is connected to creator gods, there is no bloodline that is more valid or more powerful than another. It only appears that certain bloodlines are more sacred as specific dimensions within the structure of that lineage were relevant at the time to planet Earth. Or, in other words at the time the karmic stories connected to a certain bloodline were being played out on Earth, that meant that the races or bloodlines associated with it would express the karmic roles etherically stored within those specific genetics. Essentailly, each race and root bloodline has their time to swing into the spotlight and express dominance or submissive roles within the world. Many humans, only being alive for small portions of greater karmic cycles (approx. 50 to 100 years per person), assumed that they were greater or less due to their physical genetics or bloodline.

The big picture is that each creator god/ goddess allowed their specific vibrational soul spectrum, which is much larger and diverse than humans due to their higher density, to be expressed physically.  Each creator “being” represented specific frequencies of the godhead and to creator beings the godhead is their creator. Each creator being allowed the harmonics of their own soul to be pulled down density by density splitting each sound into individual notes as they went. All of this splitting of the original harmonics become more and more physical as it continued descending and seeding itself.  This took an incredibly long time and by the time this seeding process began on Earth there were seemingly infinite physical expressions of original soul harmonics of creator gods. You can look at the diversity within our own planet, the plants, and animals and only begin to understand the diversity of the expression of the godhead within the universe. All that you see, plant, animal, rock, is all traceable back up to a specific aspect of a creator being, also a specific aspect of you.


Each Race, Each Bloodline is a Valid Key in the Expression of the Godhead.

When it comes to bloodlines and races, galactic races or ones on our own planet. Each bloodline is valid and each has specific expressions of divine energy, each represent a genetic code associated with creator gods. We must remember that creator gods created in order to experience their own creations, they incarnated within their own manifested worlds. “They” are “We” “You” are “Them.” Etheric DNA and physical DNA must have matching codes in order to house and express a soul (as seen in: this article ) , that means that each bloodline, each specific race or sub-race represents the “gods.” Each physical race, and culture represents an specific expression of the creator gods frequency, and it does so in order to allow creator gods to incarnate into their own story and express themselves as they please.

The question is no longer, what is the royal blood line? Is it more connected to ET’s or god?  These questions are only popping up as we are not yet consciously aware that every bloodline has been royalty and ruled on this planet, each bloodline has also been judged, misunderstood and persecuted. The  real question we should be asking is what ancient inter-dimensional beings am I connected to physically and etherically? What is my story in this life and what am I expressing? Once we can begin to understand each culture and physical expression as a specific and valuable viehicle for a soul to experience we can understand the type of grounded form our soul needed to be here. Each physical body is a specific chosen mix of DNA to house a soul that is needed to express itself on this planet at this time.

Elvin Masters

We are a root race, a master race. We keep using those words not to offend you but to help you understand the true meaning of root races and master races. There is no race that is better than the other, there is no race that is higher than the other. We are all worker bee’s working for the expression of the godhead. We all serve the hive. Elves are a root race to Earth and many other civilizations as we are active in the highest dimensions where indivulality can still exist. We exist in the dimension that is one below the space where there is no more individuality, beyond our plane conscoiousness is joined together and expressed as a few archetypal conglomerates, we associate these conglomerates with the base energies of: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. We do not include ether the way you do to us ether represents pure potential and is the space in which the four elements breath and oscilate. Even the four elemental energies we mentioned are not specifically fire, water, earth and air they are the root frequencies that created fire, water earth and air, it is the driving specific energetic nature of them.


We are made of these elements as well and our consciousness expresses them right into the elemental realm. We have many forms but our higher form, the for that is projected within the higher realms is actually tall, willowy, dainty, whispy and graceful. We have this form as it represents wisdom. We have long fingers and large eyes, our eyes represent innocensce and the playfulness of a child while our long fingers represent our ability to reach into many worlds at once and teach. We dress in robes, usually in light colours and we are telempathic. We are alive in all of you.


Eleven is Elvin.

Here is my experience connecting/ channeling elvin consciousness. They really wanted me to know that they are the vibration of the number 11. I hope that even in its strangeness you can feel yourself somewhere because the truth is, you wouldn’t be reading this unless it was alive in you.


(music playing or harmony is heard behind words  )

We are glad that you are beginning to connect to the part of you that is the closest. We were wondering how long it would take you to understand that you are elvin. There is no difference between elvin and the wor(l)d eleven. Both represent a strong connection to high levels of universal knowledge and elves have deep roots expressing on earth in a very grounded way with very tall branches that reach into the highest dimensions.

Now that you have opened the elvin chamber in your heart you will notice the gentle creatures coming around you, deer, rabbit, birds etc. Their nature and sensitivity is a reflection of the sensitivity of elves, when you perceive many layers of the world, when you see into different dimensions all the time you become more sensitive and gentle. Individuals who have these as their totems have a c(h)ord with the elvish, the elevinish.

Elves are the builders of archetypes and are found stretching into the 11th dimension. Elevin is elvin is eleven. Eleven is a “master number” master not meaning superior referring to the eleventh world. The worlds that exist within the eleventh tone are the worlds where the fractals that constuct the lower (denser) worlds are imagined.  When they are imagined they are made and are carried down through the dimensions to be gradually expressed more and more physically. First, they are colours, porportions, music, light, feeling, movement…then they are combined and blended and shaped and pulled down through souls deeper and deeper into the lower dimensions, deeper and deeper until time forms. This process is done through the magnetic nature of souls we call curiosity.

elvin : elvin gateway.


elvin : elvin gateway.

Etheric DNA and Starseeds & Elvin Bloodlines.

Etheric DNA and Starseeds & Elvin Bloodlines.


Here is a teaching from Solenaha, oh wait. As I wrote that I realized that this one wasn’t from Solen but a new guide that is connected to a “High council of Elves” that  her name is (D)Tiahrwyn(m) (The “r” is rolled) and it is said quite fast and breathy.  


When we are born we are a conglomerate, we are a mixture of specific lineages that are both Earth based ancestry and etheric ancestry.


Etheric ancestry are cords of light that activate specific threads in our etheric DNA, these chords of light are rooted in specific experiences within the our oversoul that we are carrying into this life, for example: Pleiadian, Arcturian, Elvin, Lyran. All of these stories, the karma, the talents, the abilities, the secrets, the lessons, are all stored in your etheric DNA waiting to be expressed and awakened.


Etheric DNA

We can begin becoming aware and integrating our etheric DNA when we begin to hold more light within our physical body. We begin to hold more light when we release paradigms that are distorted and heavy and not representative of our DNA/ our purpose.  In other wor(l)ds the more you release negative belief systems the more space you create  and in truth empty space isn’t empty, its full of you.

Empty Space.

Empty space is full of you in your purest form, it feels like a void only because you are looking at yourself. Empty space created by a stilling of the heart and mind will always be filled with your true nature which in turn is rooted and expressed with your etheric and physical DNA. Silence, stillness, and over flowing your bioenergetic feild with the void that is you, will activate your etheric DNA very quickly. Silence and meditation is the most efficient way to activate you etheric DNA. Silence is incredibly loud to the parts of you that are not in the physical, it is a call to unify, and bring together all the parts of you that need to come forward. All the expressions that want to be remembered, that want to assist you that have the answers that you are wanting to integrate work in your silence. Without silence they cannot make a connection, they cannot get through the insanity, they need space in order to fit in. When they begin to click in, to fit in, your etheric DNA lights up, you get downloads, you get information, you advance with an inspired heart and mind.

Physical DNA & Lineages.

Physical Ancestry can be traced within the physical elements of our DNA. Our physical DNA reveals our physical manifested history here, on Earth, based on our family and genetic makeup. It contains . Before your incarnation into this world you see and feel all of the options/codes available to incarnate into within the specific human DNA options available to you between your parents. There are more opportunities than you can imagine within the combined stories and characteristics of your parents DNA. Specific threads of DNA are more appealing to certain souls incarnating as the physical incarnation, the body that is to function within the spectrum of physicality, needs to have certain amounts of similarity to the base frequency of the soul. For example it is easier for a soul who is incarnating through the pleiades with influences from Lyra, Elvin worlds and Sirus to choose individuals who have physical bloodlines that are rooted in those civilizations. This means that the body will be conductive to the raw spiritual matter contained in the soul that needs to come through. A great deal of the incarnation process is about conductivity of the soul and its abilities – to express itself within a physical body.


There are Elvin bloodlines as well as Pleiadian, Sirian, Lyrian etc. bloodlines. We are all a mosaic of several divine races with a few that will be more dominant than others throughout your life. All are relevant of course however specific lineages, specific aspects of your DNA will be more apparent, more useful for you to draw from in your life. This is because those specific lineages, physical and etheric, are instrumental in supporting and grounding your souls expression.