Timelines. – Solenaha & Asthara

July 2013 Timelines. – Solenaha & Asthara

I thought I would share a conversation I had with Solen and Asthara this morning among the crickets.


We are vibration and it is the frequency of our vibration that determines our future.


Each moment that you find yourself in is connected to an infinite number of timelines, potential futures that you can align with according to your base vibrational frequency. Your base vibrational frequency is determined by the thoughts you think and the emotions that you feel, it is influenced by the unique resonance of your soul. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and emotions is the best way to weave into timelines that are representative of your highest joy.


The joining of these future paths is called a timeline and within each timeline is specific experiences that aid you in expressing yourself fully on this planet.  Full expression involves moving our idea of intelligence from the brain and mind to the heart.


There has been an acceleration of our consciousness and at this point in time there is a lot of releasing behind us. For the last 4 years the acceleration of light and information moving through our consciousness has created many opportunities for the release of karmic cycles and the tying up of karmic contracts. This process is done with little effort when the heart is allowed to expand into the forefront of our consciousness. Surrendering to your heart via bringing your focus to stillness and sensation as opposed to thoughts allows karmic contracts predominantly fed by thoughts to die off effortlessly. Releasing is most effecting when we can move into a state of deep surrender. Within the hearts frequency is your truth and when you become saturated in it you can feel your truth form around you in happy experiences and exhilerating opportunities to shine.

 Timelines become streamlined

Now, as a result of all that releasing the timelines that are available to shift into are becoming more streamlined. There are less polarizing options when it comes to the futures you have available to shift into, there can be less of a feeling of indecision and confusion when it comes to what is resonant and what is not. This is because a great deal of personal work has been done and your core vibrational frequencies are becoming more unison allowing you to sense and move into your truth much easier. Congratulations.

Not meeting  releasing thresholds 

It must also be addressed that there are individuals who have not been releasing at their threshold points. At this point in time and in their future timelines their self expression may become more painful as living too much within the egoic mind will become more and more difficult as heart energies begin to saturate the planet. The symptoms of this will be intense anger /rage rising to the surface, physical pain developing or worsening, argumentativeness and irritability, sadness and deep states of depression, intensifying of addictions. These symptoms are coming to the forefront of the personality in order to bring individuals to a powerful releasing point.

If there are individuals in your life who you feel are experiencing this to any degree the best way to support them is to let it be known that you love and care for them and then let them be. Love them enough to disengage if they become harsh with you,  let them process, they are not their pain. This may be difficult but any engagement of ego on your part will distract them from discovering whatever it is they need to take responsibility for.

When we lovingly disengage with people who have become destructive we become a mirror for them and aid them in their transformation.

Please know that these individuals have the ability to go inward just as you did. The answers and guidance that they seek is within themselves and it can take time to get there. Ultimately everyone needs to learn how to go inward for answers and inspiration and when we allow people to experience their pain we assist them in connecting with the deepest levels of their higherself. We all have set our awakening alarm clock for different times and it important for that to be OK.

Water, the collective heart.
Heart energies are associated with water and once they begin to ground on this watery planet their effect is magnified. Heart resonance sits in the oceans and shines outward, it cannot be taken back or stopped as it is the currency that connects us all. It is this momentum that brings people to themselves whether it be through gentle surrender or through painful surrender.







How Can I Serve?

Starting your day: “How can I serve.”


Everyday I start my day by asking “How can I serve.” This seemingly simple act is perhaps the most aligning action we ca do. When we say this we are directly acknowledging our higherself and trusting that it will provide us insights into the best possible use of our time today. That it will show what action is the most beneficial at this time, how to approach people at work, and whether today is a more active day or introspective day. When we ask this question we attune to the rhythm of our own hearts and we line ourselves up for synchronicity after synchronicity. Sometimes it leads you into the mundane and other times into the unknown, the secret is to do it anyway even if your mind cannot grasp why.


Living From a New Place.


Perhaps the most beautiful part of starting your day like this is the surrender of control we experience. When we set the tone by allowing the larger part of our consciousness to show us the appropriate vibrational tone to live from moment to moment we do not need to turn to the mind for guidance. This is imperative as the mind will only encourage you to do what you did yesterday, or last year, or 20 years ago, it will tell you how to be “safe”, and lead you to live within boxes, and think in circles, it will manifest your future to be smaller than you are. If you are consistantly choosing what is “safe” and only trusting what you “know” you will live a life that is shrinking in around you as it is in our nature to expand and become more than we think we are, avoiding that expansion is painful and being “safe” can easily become unsafe.  The mind is not for creating, the mind is for integration, grounding and analysis of what you are receiving through your heart and higher mind.


Our highest purpose is always service.


Even if you feel as though your purpose is not in direct service you make an impact. You do not need to be a nurse, a teacher, or a volunteer at a soup kitchen to be contributing to society. Those are direct and obvious service roles but they are not more important or uplifting than the quiet indirect personal actions we do from our hearts day to day. In fact sometimes your greatest point of service to humanity is simply cleaning and organizing your house, having a nap, or calling a friend.  Any action from your heart is an action of service, all hearts, all people, work in tandem with each other, when one becomes uplifted by default others will as well. This happens electrically, silently, behind your mind where everything is strings of energy and there is no space between me and you. We are more efficient beings when we function from the place that connects us directly to all of creation. It is time to trust and let ourselves live this way again.