I have fallen in love with astrology. This is no surprise with someone like me who  is obvious made of Neptune and other watery, mystical components that make one live in two worlds at once. Anyway, today I met Chiron. Chiron is a comet/planet that lives his life spinning between Saturn and Uranus. I imagine that Uranus is a “bad influence” and Saturn is kind of controlling so naturally Chiron has learned when to talk to Uranus and get out of the box and when to hang out with Saturn to get back in it. This would make Chiron an alchemist because that is what we become when we build bridges between two worlds, when we integrate 2 seemingly different aspects of  reality into one lump of gold.

The universe outside moves within you. The way it moves within you is your personality. Where Chiron is inside you tells you how you will become the alchemist, it shows you your deepest wounds, the parts of your soul that need to be untied and rebound into truth.

The parts of us that were cut the deepest are the parts of us that we are called upon to sew up, apply iodine three times a day and heal. Although there are people around us full of love and compassion we find that the main component in our healing is actually our own conscious dedication to its process, It is our consciousness awareness in this process and our ability to take responsibility and look and things that challenge us to believe that we are a lie that makes us a teacher whether we want to or not. What you carry now is too precious to store away in the attic of your heart, in fact you couldn’t hide there even if you wanted to. In our healing we contain specific vibrational codes that represent alchemy at their finest. They ring loudly in the resonance’s we call conviction, gentle strength, compassion, empathy, knowledge, courage and deep inner peace. I say  “deep” inner peace because when the part of you that is a storm becomes settles it turns into depth.

This depth is what we all crave as when you can create calm that deep it is a powerful stillness, one that cannot be shaken, it is too wide, it knows too much. This type of stillness, the deep kind, was born out of struggle and pain, to be specific the kind of pain that uses fear to rudely unearth every root you have. In that process only what is real is left and your acceptence of the emptiness that comes with this realization brings you to your true self, the one you have always wanted to be but had no idea what it looked like, what you would look like. The peace you learn to feel from this cannot be easily shaken as once you really get to meet that part of, you realize you are home, you are home within yourself.  When you feel that kind of alignment  you have  perspective, you decode your environment with eyes that have been forced to see that everything is perfect and always will be.