You are the Creator.

You are the creator. You are the point of control for your reality. Your thoughts, your emotions. The ones that you let wash over you, and build momentum inside of you are the seeds of the world that you are moving into. Creation is the process of un-manifested raw spiritual energy moving through your consciousness to become physical action and physical matter. That is the process. If you spend the majority of your time focusing on the material forms around you and wondering why they haven;t changed, it is most likely because you are putting your powerful creative focus on the wrong end of the chain. You are waking up at midnight and getting angry that the sun isn’t rising. Get back into the rhythm of creation. Begin with realizing that your thoughts and emotions set the tone for your day today and your future.

Understand that energy works via momentum and thresholds. It is your job to build momentum through your dedication to positive, healthy, empowering thoughts and emotions. As you do this you will move through thresholds, or membranes of energy that feel like “tests” but are actually spring boards that catepault you into your highest expression.

We are creators we create through action, through making a choice to act differently and sticking to it for long enough to build momentum and reach a new threshold. Once that happens we have set a new precenebt and we shift into a new reality. One that has less pain and less stress than yesterday.