Fear of Oneness and Martyr Guides

Hey Gigi,

I would love to hear your thoughts on why I am so resistant to oneness. I like my personal identity and the idea of everyone being one irritates me.

Also or if you know of or have thoughts about high level guides incarnating on earth for some special purpose. Like guides that don’t “need” to be here but coordinated coming. Thanks!

I’m still in the esoteric closet so would wish to remain anonymous. Thank you for your videos. I love them!!


Hello JD!

Thank you for these questions, lets get to it!

Resistant to Oneness.

Right off the bat I get the impression/ feeling that you personally were involved in may past lives, and even potentially within this life, where you did not get to celebrate your unique identity. You did not get to express yourself fully and explore your individuality. Many times this comes from being involved in religions, cultures, or even family situations where you had to renounce who you truly were. For example dedicating your life to spirituality at a very young age, being drawn into a cult or religious movement where you had to renounce who you were in order to be “chosen”, suffering through arranged marriages when love and relationships were and important karmic theme, being born into certain cultures where you felt forced to let go of who you really are to fit in , even going to war or battle for the “sake of the greater good.”  All of those types of incarnations can leave an individual with a strong opposition to blending in and the feeling of losing individuality.  Unfortunately Sometimes on planet Earth we can attempt to mirror the idea of oneness and its highest expression in humanity, which is being of service. We do this unconsciously while participating  in religions, vocations, or strict familial arrangements that are intended to be of service but actually end up prematurely cutting individuals off from the exploration of their own identity which ironically is the true root of your service in this world. This can lead to a fear or resentment of the feeling of oneness and the loss of personal identity in which it is associated.

What is the solution to this kind of experience? 

It can be very helpful to acknowledge and accept that you have this reaction. It is completely normal to have aversions to opening up to our higher selves and re-experiencing oneness. Connecting with the godhead, which represents oneness, is no small feat, and it is perfectly OK if it makes you feel uneasy. The depth at which you allow yourself to feel ease with where you are is equal to the openess that will allow the answers to come that allow you to release it.

Oneness perspectives

Also, it must be said that as our consciousness is multidimensional by nature, meaning that it exists simultaneously on many different plains and dimensions of reality, we have the ability to slip into oneness consciousness and not necessarily lose ourselves within it. The reason for this is that although you are perceiving or experiencing oneness you are doing so rooted into a 3d consciousness. As long as you are in your body and experiencing this life your 3d perspective and personality/ individuality will be intact.

It is also in our nature, as multidimensional beings directly embodying the godhead, to actually experience different sensations and realities simultaneously. That means that as we grow and evolve spiritually we gain the ability to hold two (or more) simultaneous experiences within our consciousness without feeling panic or a need to control and refine the experiences into one. That means that we can experience, simultaneously the feeling of oneness, the experience of oneness while still feeling and experiencing our complete individuality as a 3d human.

Guides that do not need to be here or have no karmic ties.

This is an interesting concept as there is a distinct tone of martyrdom. We envision saintly, angelic saviours so pure that they don’t really need to be here but chose to anyway because they are so selfless. In my experience and knowledge of the incarnational process those types of incarnations don’t really take place. Many times we project a very innocent, karma-less pure, persona onto highly service based individuals who incarnate on Earth. We do this because when we interpret their energy it can be so strongly in alignment (in certain areas) compared to how we feel about our own that it can feel that way. We can feel that perhaps they have less distortions or shadows in particular areas compared to our where we feel we are. This can bring us to feelings of inspiration and awe can lead us to the worship of certain people or treating them like gurus. It is accurate to say that certain individuals incarnate into lives where they are very service oriented, inspirational, knowledgable with an uncanny ability to teach and heal. It would not be accurate to say that those people carry no karma or are seriously different than anyone else on the planet.

We all have lives where we embody a great deal of energy which may be interpreted by others as similar to an avatar or guru. All possible expressions of your soul are explored throughout various levels of time and space. This means that as a soul you have/ are living the highest expression imaginable and of course you have also lived some very dark and distorted lives where you were as “dark” and in pain as you were inspirational and full of light.

Truth be told highly spiritual teachers simply have chosen to experience life themes in which they inspire and heal, and to be honest, many individuals who have very inspiring powerful lives on Earth had equally impactful incarnations where they used those abilities to serve themselves more than others. Many times as a soul we must move through many “shadow lives” where we hurt ourselves and others (service to self) before we begin incarnating into lives where we heal and inspire others (service to others). The best teachers and healers are that way because they deeply understand their light. Teaching about divine energy, self empowerment, love, all uplifting healing topics is something that  requires some serious journeying into their inverse or darker expressions of their talents. Raw passion and charisma can be used to encourage and uplift or destroy and supress. Experiencing all possible distortions of your soul motivates us and gives us depth that is recognized as “truth’ by others. Generally souls incarnating into this timeline with  at the beginning of their journey (innocent), with very little  karmic experience to anchor them, have little knowledge or insights into how to thrive in 3d reality. They usually chose to live more secluded lives for a while in order to integrate 3d reality.  You can bet that any individual that lights your heart on fire and brings you to love has done some pretty sketchy things in their darker incarnations, and to be honest, I wouldn’t trust ‘em if they hadn’t.

I hope that helps,




2 thoughts on “Fear of Oneness and Martyr Guides

  1. Awesome piece! Very balanced 🙂 I also feel some resentment against the ‘all is one’ thought exactly because I was forced to comply all te time. I really enjoy being me now and being able to choose whatever I want. I feel that there can only be true connection when everyone connects through their own authentic heart.

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