Opening the Third Eye.

Opening the third eye




First and foremost it must be said that threshold systems within the body open/release/balance all the chakras/ energetic points in the exact order that you consciousness can handle in the exact time that they need to be opened. This opening happens with no conscious attention necessary. There is no actual need to directly target a chakra and open it unless you would like to play with the experience of opening it for fun.


Clairvoyance is an intense ability to have.


Clairvoyance and the ability to perceive higher spectrums of energy is connected to the third eye or 6th chakra. This means that as that chakra is brought into balance, we begin to re-gain our ability to see beyond this 3d world. Initially we may begin to see colours or little flashes of light. We may get visions or images projected in our mind or we may even begin seeing other worldly things with our physical eyes. This is a big deal, it can be very intense and shocking to begin perceiving beyond what we have been taught is “real” in this world. For this reason your third eye, and the re-gaining of all the abilities that it represents, will only come forward when there is a specific amount of coherence or balance within the body. This is to protect you from any psychological shock or damage that may occur when if we begin to open up too quickly.


Your coherency determines when your third eye starts to fire up.


When there is a deep level of balance within our consciousness consistently, especially when we are going through stressful situations, our higherselves will begin to see us as stable enough to handle the responsibility of more abilities and begin expanding and healing the areas of the physical and etheric body that will allow us to take on more psychic energy. So, in other words, your higherself will automatically open you up as your body begins to move into a balanced enough state in order to handle the responsibility of those kind of openings.


Grounding can lead to opening up to higher dimensional energies associated with the third eye.


Many times if we focus directly on a chakra we believe needs to be opened we can feel frustrated as it seems that even though we are putting in all this effort nothing seems to be happening. This is because our entire energetic system is intertwined. All of our chakras, etheric bodies, physical body and everything in between are all connected. They all function in a chain reaction in order for one to shift we may need to bring balance to another in order to keep our system flowing properly. We may not realize consciously that our sacral chakra needs to be opened/cleared before we can open our third eye. In many cases individuals who carry a great deal of spiritual energy naturally need to focus on grounding and working with the lower chakras before they can move further within their upper energetic system. More often than not as soon as they begin focusing on grounding and bringing more awareness and intention into the physical world they burst into higher levels of awareness and creativity. We need deep roots before we can expand upward.


So, what I am trying to say about opening the third eye is that perhaps the most effective way to directly open it is to focus on bringing yourself into the highest level of coherency possible. That may mean looking into an area of your life that seems completely unrelated as the more we expand the more we see that everything is connected. I could list off foods to eat that resonate with the pineal, or tell you to stare at an indigo crystal for 6 minutes and 6 seconds, but in reality the most effective way to open a chakra or gain intuitive abilities is to focus on yourself as whole understanding that when you honestly do that you WILL unfold in the most beautiful way. You will gain more abilities and your life will improve in the exact direction you need it to. It is that simple. Awakening is simple whether it be your third eye or not: Eat clean, meditate, play, be kind, create, drink lots of water, move your body, love yourself, follow your heart. If you can manage those things your third eye will not be able to not open, it will be inevitable, along with your happiness.



One thought on “Opening the Third Eye.

  1. Thanks, Gigi.

    The Astral eye is indeed a fascinating topic.
    It is said that Descartes chose the pineal gland as the seat of the soul because it was the only brain structure that was asymmetrical; somehow this uniqueness qualifies such an honour: that explanation makes little sense to me. More recently, however, it has come to light that Descartes was likely a Rosicrucian. I wonder whether he was well versed in Hinduism, and had some trance or mystical experiences himself (we know he was fond of meditating), and therefore chose the pineal gland knowing it to be directly behind ajna. Although the pineal gland is associated with circadian rhythms and sleep, I should think the “mind’s eye” –the source of imagination- to be more likely localized to the prefrontal cortex. It is with the refined development of this latter structure that man makes his great evolutionary triumph over his prosaic ape brothers.

    In regards to mysticism in general, I agree with Bertrand Russell, that mysticism is not the best way to explain the physical universe, but as an attitude towards life, it has extraordinary merits. How can an honest man survive in a corrupt world? It seems to me that “Love Awareness” is the key; the Krishna or Christ principle, if not taken too fanatically, is a powerful mode of being- a powerful archetype. Religion is an organized attempt at this awareness, but the essence of love in such teachings is often obfuscated by myth and superstition, such that no reasonable man can accept them. My first encounter with a “quasi-mystical” state came through music; to the incessant laughter of my fellow classmates, I fell off my seat during my first hearing of Mahler’s adagio:
    (If anyone has not heard this music, I implore them to do so)

    And now a poem from our sponsors:

    I once knew a family of elongated skulls;
    They took one look at my head, and cried: “How dull!”
    “Pity that one as you should have a flat head,” they said,
    “For in so many ways you’re richly bred.”
    “Ah, but not so quick”, I said to my Lords of the sky,
    “For magic is not in the head but in the eye.
    Look into my eye and you shall see,
    Love conquers every destiny. “

    Telepathically yours, (then why write, right?)
    The Bard of Talos IV

    (P.S. This poem was written after ingesting a beautiful blue Talosian Singing Plant. So blame my silliness on the flower.)

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