Can not feeling safe to begin with attract a stalker? What to do about being terrorized.

Hey Gigi,

I have a suggestion: How to deal with manifestations that manifest quicker and stronger?!?

My Twin soul is dealing with very strong issues that are manifesting. “Knowing” how stuff works still doesn’t make the apparent “threat” any less fearful. For instance: She has fears regarding being safe, and is now being threatened by a stalker. As we all know the authorities can’t do anything without “hard” evidence. These situations are manifesting on a quicker and scarier level..

If not a video, a reply would be greatly appreciated.



(BTW, Love the work your doing)

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for taking the time to write me and share your story. It sounds like you are going through some very intense times.  As with the discovery of personal issues or patterns it can be really productive to consider the spiritual roots that are the foundation of what is happening in our lives. So it is really good that you guys are digging deep and considering that the reason why someone is making you feel unsafe (stalker) has to do with a deeper pattern of you feeling chronically unsafe.

Finding the root to kill the weed.

Perhaps there have been past circumstances that have caused your partner to feel this way? If that is the case than it is important to begin working from where these experiences began, the root. Was there a specific time in the past where your partner began not trusting the world around him/her or not feeling safe? When did this happen? How did this happen? What emotions did it bring forward? How did it impact your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and world view compared to how you were before? Even though it may be painful to bring forward experiences that feed into a pattern of not feeling safe, it can help us understand and therefore release our fear. Fear has a stronger hold on our psyche when we let its initial discomfort keep us from working through it and using it as the tool that it is. More often than not the honest realization that a pattern exists is enough to immediately begin shifting your frequency as our consciousness stops seeing the fear pattern as based in an actual threat and lets it go.

If someone is stalking you, terrorizing you or bullying you it is not your fault. Everyone deserves to feel safe and peaceful.

It is important to note that it is NEVER your fault if someone is stalking you or trying to terrorize you. There is nothing that you could do to someone to make that an OK option. You do not deserve to be terrorized or stalked you deserve to feel safe, loved, and happy all the time. If someone is doing these things to you they have fallen into some serious distortions within their consciousness, most likely to do with control and power issues that, believe it or not, have nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own ideas of power and control.

Love yourself and take care of yourself in order to develop a strong, healthy vibrational frequency.

Sometimes we can feel guilty or low and think that we deserve ill treatment but in reality it is never the case so it is important to hold strongly in your heart and body, affirm it if you have to, that you are entitled to joy, love, peace and harmony. As creatures of vibration in a world of resonance the best defence is a good offence so feel your value, beauty and worth very strongly. Engage in acts of pampering and self love. Begin eating well, drinking lots of water, start meditating more often, exercise, take up that hobby that you always wanted.

Take care of yourself without guilt. Begin building a stronger internal world and making yourself a priority. Activities that allow love to be generated within your system give you a very strong presence in this world.  This may feel like the last thing you want to do but that is precisely why you need to do it. If you start nurturing and loving yourself you begin to magnetize yourself to some very high vibrational energy. When that genuinely happens negative situations begin resolving themselves and you begin to expand into situations that inspire you as opposed to frighten you. I’m not talking about going and getting a mani-pedi, or running a bubble bath for half an hour and feeling completely selfish about it the entire time. No, sorry that won’t do. I’m talking honestly and truly investing in yourself through taking the initiative to bravely listen to your heart and follow through with what you genuinely need to do/think/experience in order to feel good moment to moment. I’m talking taking active responsibility in bringing yourself to feelings of peace, love, appreciation and happiness if you begin to feel yourself sinking into the gutter of the emotional scale.

Prioritizing your health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) brings you into your optimal state where even when fearful things happen you automatically move into a higher perspective and get intuition on how to navigate it in a way where all involved can move into the highest resolution for the situation. When we slip into fear or panic to too long we unknowingly perpetuate situations that validate the fear and panic. This can be confusing as sometimes we feel that fear and panic makes our issue more valid or serious, or perhaps we will get attention which can feel good when we are vulnerable. However when our vibrational frequency is overcome with fear, self pity, panic, or stress of any kind for a long period of time, we simply do not have access to our higherselves and the wisdom that is waiting there. When we become still, listen and bring love into our hearts we begin getting answers, inspiration and ultimately strong enough to move through whatever it is that is in from of us.

Get help.

It is also important to stay grounded, keep notes, and keep the police and people you love informed as many times these situations benefit form a strong support system and the collaboration of many caring and qualified individuals. Ignoring serious situations will not make them go away, even as “spiritual” people we must do our due diligence. It can help to remember that counsellors, police officers, friends and family have intuition and insights that can really help you, involving them in your situation allows them to bring their unique abilities forward and can take pressure off you. Many times we cannot see ourselves as clearly as we see others, so in tough situations like this it is helpful to allow others to help you.

I hope this helps,



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