A storm of Paradigms

Time Gaps in Manifesting.

This is for everyone who has felt the pangs of panic and nearly lost themselves in a pool of becoming less than they truly are.

So, you are manifesting stuff and its just not happening. You’re getting mad and demanding and you are losing faith in the “universe.” What the heck does that mean anyway, “universe”, thats just completely ambiguous, it’s so ambiguous that it makes you uncomfortable. How can you trust something you clearly do not understand? You may be seriously reconsidering your sanity. I mean, really? Creating my own reality? I can’t do that and I am just a small part of a world I cannot control. Maybe I should just take a job somewhere or get back together with that person I don’t really like ( or some other standard lowering action) to make ends meet, at least I would feel more productive and wouldn’t be alone. Right?

First of all STOP. Stop with the doubting, second guessing, the settling and the standard lowering. It is unattractive ;). You are just experiencing a lull in your creative process, it is not time to panic, it is time to go inward and find out why you are feeling paralyzed. You can always get still when you feel this way and answers will come and you will move forward again. Breathe. You can do this.

When we feel our hope slowly turning into doubt it is important to become aware of it immediately and halt all thought. say “freeze” really loud in your mind and step outside of your cognitive process this way you can observe your behavoir as opposed to spiralling downwards into that gross place you told yourself you weren’t going to go anymore. It will still feel confusing as you step out of yourself, as you are steeped in the emotions of the moment, but the longer you can realize that you are not those thoughts and observe them, the more sober you become.

Going into observer mode is a powerful tactic to use when you feel you are slipping into the lower emotional frequencies. When we create distance through observer mode we are activating the part of us that is beyond the personality, beyond the ego. When we do that our higherself will begin to blend into our consciousness. Slowly at first and then faster as you become practiced in this work. You higher-self has infinite intelligence and knows exactly what to do and exactly what to say. So when you give it some space inside of you allow it to begin untying the knots that were strangling you and as it does it will reveal to you the underlying aspects of why you were feeling that way to begin with. You will begin to see patterns and aspects of yourself and others that you would not have had the perspective to see had you not stepped back.

Through this process of stepping back and letting your higherself step in (like a mystical tag-team) you begin building a new foundation. The reason why you are feeling lost is because a storm of two opposing paradigms has welled up inside of you. A low and a high, a low vibrational paradigm and a high vibrational paradigm.  A stormy battle ensues when these patterns meet and it is your choice which one goes on to live inside you. They both can’t, not unless you want to feel confused and torn on a regular basis. You must become still, you must get your barrings. When belief systems collide our conscious mind is too close to actually understand, it will generally choose the one that it has invested in (the old one) as it finds comfort and control in knowing how to use it. So, it cannot be trusted, you have to let your higherself in so it can show you the aspects your conscious mind cannot interpret. Once this happens, once you stand back it is your choice which paradigm you integrate from that moment onward. You cast your vote by the choices and actions you take in regards to the subject that is causing you the confusion. You choose by acting or reacting. Most of the time this isn’t even a conscious process, however it can be, and in your consciousness awareness you can completely shift your thoughts, feelings and behavior.



3 thoughts on “A storm of Paradigms

  1. Hi, I just found your website last night after seeing one of your videos about finding your starseed. I’m very new to all this, but not completely. I wanted to share a strange event with you, since you had just been enlightening me about the pleadies. I am a stay at home mom for the last 13 years with lots of sky gazing opportunities. Tonight I saw what looked like a star during late afternoon. Never have I seen a star with the sky so light out. I didn’t really believe it was a star but it was so far away and never moved. Clouds came and covered it. I waited until the clouds went away, 15 minutes or so and it wasn’t there. I used the star gazer ap to see what I was looking at and it was in the constellation Taurus, which has the pleadies. Love these times. Thanks for your words and I look forward to reading more.

  2. Lately I’ve encountered a few odd coincidences that even my extremely skeptical mind can’t dismiss as meaningless out of hand. The latest one led me to “your” website. I practice divination without actually believing in it, and the internet is one of my tools. Google’d “witness mind” because “witness the continual unfolding of mind” showed no results, looked at seventh site on seventh page, (g is the seventh letter of the alphabet) and got this. Disclaimer: I am insane… You share a name with a person i haven’t thought about in a hundred and fifty thousand years who intruded on my dreams last night, pissing me off to no end, making me want to say “wtf are you doing here? I told you to leave my subconscious mind alone!” But i browsed several articles here with interest, and identified with much of what was said about empaths. I’ve recently started searching for a way to have compassion without empathy, as i feel i could do a lot more to help the world if i was less empathic, more emotionally detached, you could say, more an “observer” but somehow more rather than less engaged and immersed in this conditional, finite reality. Does that make sense? Namyo ho renge kyo namyo ho renge kyo namyo ho renge kyo. Nothing exists. Thank you for reminding me of that.

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