Death, Dying, Murderers, Suicide.

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Can you do a video about the death and how we transition? What about murders and suicides?

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What happens when we die?


Death, even though we all die, is a largely subjective experience. What people go through is going to be based upon their belief systems and the specific vibrational tone of their soul, the specific nature of their soul. So this topic cannot really be discussed in general or certain terms. Dying is the ultimate journey into the unknown and how we feel about it in this life can represent our relationship with the un-manifested world, the dark and mysterious unknown.


In general when we die our consciousness, which never dies, only transforms, pulls itself away from the physical form and begins re-integrating into source energy. It can do this through consciously re-connecting with the oversoul or the higher- self. As it re-connects it re-members its multidimensionality and begins integrating its experiences in its previous 3d incarnation. The soul then begins functioning from a multidimensional perspective as is not limited by the paradigms of 3d reality. We can get glimpses of this experience via astral travel or lucid dreaming, as in those situations our consciousness is less connected to the physical world and playing beyond time and space.


This refocussing of your core energy,  can be experienced as going through a tunnel or light, floating, bliss or a feeling of re-joining with source or even the re-connecting of family members. That said it can also be described as a feeling of going downward into a heavier density, being pulled into flames (  hell fire 😦  ) feeling scrutinized, or even being tortured.


The truth is your death experience depends on you. It is based in your belief system and also whatever measures are needed to bring your soul back into balance upon “crossing over.” If you have fearful belief systems about death you may experience death through that filter. You may create that experience for yourself in order to release or understand certain decisions and experiences you  made throughout your life. If you are more open and positive it is likely that you will have an experience that is in line with that reality. It is important to understand that life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening from you.


What about Murderers and other “bad’ people? If we create our death experience then what about people who hurt others in their lives, is there  retribution for them?


Individuals who hurt others and live destructive lives are filtering life force energy in a very distorted way. Every soul goes through extreme distortions like this and polarizing oneself from their basic true divine frequency is part of the evolution of the soul. In the larger picture this extreme polarizing, or disconnecting from divine energy, helps provide depth, insight, and deeply confirms the true core purpose of the soul. Without this disconnection it is possible that the soul would not move into it’s highest form and truly know itself, and that we are all one.


Retribution, is very real for these souls, however, how they experience that retribution will be unique to them and directly in line with the root, or reasons, as to why they caused so much pain in their lives to begin with.


It can be difficult to understand this considering the intense and very real pain and trauma that this kind of distorted personality can inflict. Often times we feel like seeing or knowing that these distorted individuals are punished or tortured will heal our pain, however, it is exactly that misunderstanding that creates and perpetuates tyrannical and psychopathic behaviour. The truth is individuals that are disconnected and lost enough to hurt others do not need to be tortured or punished, they need to be rehabilitated- reconnected to their own heart as well as the collective heart. It can be very trying, but grasping the bigger picture, even just a little, can help us soften into compassion, and when we have compassion we create space for wounds to heal.


When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. When we uplift others we uplift ourselves. It is that simple.  When an individual goes through a life inflicting pain they create the darkest waves that they in turn must journey into in order to bring full integration and understanding to their experience. When this happens they finally have the opportunity to come full circle and know, not understand, but know, that we are one, everyone is connected, and the only real choice is love.


What about traumatic deaths and suicides?



Many times when there is mental illness, drug abuse, or simply large amounts of pain individuals can decide to take their own lives. How they cross over depends on their intention and clarity upon taking their lives. If there is deep confusion and disconnection from the higherself/soul, then many times these souls are re-habilitated upon transitioning out of body. The confusion anxiety and pain must be unwound and brought back into balance, the soul has to be brought back into re-alignment with its base tone before it can begin understanding, integrating and journeying in the higher dimensions again. The life experience must be integrated within the consciousness in order to gain understanding and fully utilize that incarnational experience. Part of our drive to incarnate into this world is to learn and experience, so the integration of our experience is important even when we cross over to the other side.


One thought on “Death, Dying, Murderers, Suicide.

  1. That’s about as well as it can be desribed, I think. I believe as we go deeper into the next world, our life here will in many ways seem like a dream does to us now. We’ll analyze it, learn from it, then eventually forget it and move on.

    I’m also learning about Karma, good and bad. I believe I’ve paid the price in recent years for things I did when I was younger. Whether it be in this life or the next, somewhere along the way whatever we do comes back to us in one way or another.

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