How about doing a video where you discuss the value of breathing?  I bet we would agree that nothing links us to our creative source and is more beneficial than our breathing.  You might consider talking about breathing from a meditative stand point, the exercise perspective, and also explain what is happening when we naturally draw in a deep sighing breath of air whenever we adjust our current perspective to one that is softer, lighter, or more positive than the thought we were previously holding.  It is my knowing that every breath of air is inundated with the very energy of that which many refer to as God.  I bet you could explain and articulate this in a very meaningful dialog. 


Have a Rock star kind of day! Cheers! 



Thank You for asking this Question Shay, it’s a good one. There is lot’s of information about breathwork and meditation out there especially getting into the traditions heavily based in meditation such as pranayama, yogic philosophy and Buddhism.

One interesting thing about our breath is that it is a tool that allows us to see how we are feeling and where our mind is, our breath is an indicator of our overall vibrational frequency; our overall state of being. How we take in air represents how we take in life.

Breath sets your rhythm.

As our breath is directly connected to our state of being we can reverse engineer our mood by becoming aware of our breath when it begins to become erratic or short. When we feel anxious our body begins to constrict and tighten, our breath shortens and we get less oxygen, we begin subtly starving ourselves. When we begin to take longer deeper breaths we infuse ourselves with calm, we flood our body with life force and we open making room for insight and awareness to whatever is causing our anxiety. Breathing properly brings our consciousness back into alignment, which is the only place where the root of anxiety or stress can be unwound and released.

Breathing properly during exercise and meditation.

Our ability to bring awareness to it as we exercise and meditate indicates our ability to be present and consciously connect the seen and unseen aspect of ourselves. When we can consciously connect the seen and unseen aspects of our self, the manifested with the un-manifested, we become a direct channel for creation, our prana, or life force energy finally flows as it was meant to. When our life force energy funnels through us the way our form intended we begin to become high functioning individuals and fall into our highest potential. This is especially true when we choose to breathe through times where it may become challenging to become present with our breath, such as exercise or meditation.

The deep sighing breath.

Drawing in a deep sighing breath is a powerful way to reset your system as with deep breathing we bring nourishment to ourselves on all levels. We also tend to even out our focus when we take a conscious breath, perhaps bringing awareness to the heart with energy that was previously spinning in the mind. A deep breath can be a symbol to the subconscious mind to relax, become calm and give into the deeper rhythm your higher-self.

Breathing is so much more than breathing.

It is often the simplest things that bring the deepest change and working with our breath is a perfect example of this. We often think that creating change in our lives is more about action and “doing”, when in reality “being” is just as important. Being, breathing, allows a solid foundation to be created so the “doing” is meaningful and fulfilling.

All structures that are not built on the foundation of the heart are bound to break. Breathing is a beautiful practice that magnifies and brings us back to the feeling and rhythm of our higherself/ heart. When we get back to the basics and become our breath, we finally become quiet enough to hear who we are- What we are.

Breathing mirrors the expansion and contraction that creates movement and growth within the universe. Inhale represents inward motion, feminine, contraction/being, darkness, gathering, receiving and the exhale represents masculine, outward motion, sun/light, action/doing, and expansion. It is the oscillation between these two basic expressions that create movement, progression and life itself.

Therefore, our ability to breathe smoothly represents our ability to live smoothly. Our breath becomes a representation of how we live and what we manifest in our lives. It represents our ability to run with the universe, to move with it, to move as it does, the way we are supposed to.  Steady, aware breath is a steady, aware life. Breathing with the rhythm of your heart enables a state within your consciousness where you can finally become all that you know you are. You finally become consistent and deep enough to hold and ground progressively greater versions of your own soul.


One thought on “Breath

  1. Nice exposition, Gigi. You seem to resuscitate my faith in humanity.

    O Breath!
    Sweet or foul,
    Thank you for the here and now.

    (- sorry, I’m full of these little witchy rhymes – thanks to growing up with grandma Salome and her weird friends)

    Taking a long breath works miracles. Today I should have been extraordinarily happy, earlier in the day my musical score was unanimously accepted by some Hollywood moguls; now, later in the evening, I was to meet a friend at a café on Bloor street to proof read his script. I had forgotten my phone. I waited for ½ hr hour, no sign. Sitting there, I grew incensed that he – a nobody- should make me – a somebody –wait. Then I recalled the wisdom of my old chi kung master, and I drew a long breath to hallow away my vanity. I got up and decided to take a little walk – my friend would now wait for me. While walking, I meditated circulating chi with every long breath – this of course, in the hands of a master, creates all kinds of ‘synchronicities’. Arriving at the traffic lights, two blocks north, and almost in a trance, I suddenly sensed impending danger – “ Look out!” screamed I, as I dashed and pulled the young boy away from the path of a speeding car. He had been anxious to cross: foolish – careless. Now having saved his life, he looked at me, holding his school bag, with great embarrassment upon him; I said nothing to him, my glazing magician’s eyes spoke telepathically to him – and he immediately took a long breath.

    Long-windedly yours,
    Dr. Botzinger

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