Elven and Pleiadian Names.

Elven and Pleiadian Names.

Like many Pleiadian names end in “ah” or have a strong “ah” sound (representing the heart) many elven names end in “wyn” meaning “one”. 

They will have a distinguishing word about the frequency of their soul that is relevant in this incarnation and then the sound “wyn”. For example Hardwyn (roll the “R’ with softer ‘D sound) meaning “Hard One” or “Strong One” eluding to a steadfast or determined nature of ones base soul frequency.

Pleiadian names tend to be musical and representative of the sound or rhythm of ones soul. They are still descriptive but in a different way, they elude to the feeling of the soul; for example “Anilah” pronounced Ahhh-nye- lahhh has a meaning but is more strongly symbolic of the feeling and rhythm of their heart, core, frequency; of their unique song.


2 thoughts on “Elven and Pleiadian Names.

  1. Dear jiji awesome post . Our first child was born on the 18th of january and we named her sofia , does that name have a good vibration in your opinion . Love you and god bless you dear .

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