It rests infinitely within us.

If you are not living from your heart, in your purpose, you will always crave it. You will feel a quiet, hollow, ache spreading and vacant behind everything that you do. 

People you love will become thieves robbing you of things that are impossible to take. You will project the debt you have created within yourself, by your own building neglect, onto them.

In turn, your work will steal from you. It will conventionally devour your time, your youth, and your creativity. You will forget, and maybe even fear the fire of your own sun as you leave your heart to hollow. 

And in this slow strangling you realize that the best way to be, moment to moment, whether it makes sense or not, is dancing loud in the hum of your heart- No apologies, no negotiating. 

There is no such thing as putting your heart aside to pick up at a later date when you feel you finally have everything in order. We do not need to sacrifice the moment now for a better one later. That is hiding.

Exactly what we need and want in real time, and how to get it, rests infinitely within us. Brave, calm, and detached enough for genuine vision to form we learn how to become ourselves.



One thought on “It rests infinitely within us.

  1. Hey, Gigi,
    Rather penetrating observations. Beautifully psychoanalytic. Yet there is a lovely purity in your words, which gets beyond the merely clinical. If you keep this up, I daresay, you may very well become the next Wayne Dyer, but much prettier, LOL.
    – I hope you do.

    Also, I enjoyed your latest video: What is the Direction of Humanity? I have often been puzzled to hear people debate whether God exists or not. My contention has always been that God does not exist yet. Of course there are intimations of God in every act of love, but there are far too few such acts, and they’re always much too evanescent. I should say, by God – I don’t mean a creator or a religious entity – I simply mean an ideal state of Goodness: a social state of love, where every human being places compassion at the forefront of his or her personality. When the world is full of compassionate acts, God shall be said to exist. I think this is similar to your view of the ascension of the heart: the mending of the world’s collective broken heart. Each one of us a little stitch, a little thread in the healing.

    A reincarnated thought just cycled through me:
    There was a time –it seems only a moment now –a moment just before sunset,
    When I opened my hand to catch the last trembling ray,
    But it slipped through my fingers into another day.

    Your faithful sidekick,
    Michael The Boy Blunder

    (P.S. I should like to recommend Chaplin’s City Lights or The Razor’s Edge (1946,version) as the spiritual movie of the week. )

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