The Feminine and Creativity.




Hi Gigi!,



Thanks so much for your insightful videos on Youtube.  I was wondering if you had any insights about what a book chapter on creativity should have in light of the reemergence of the feminine influence?  Is it solely about intuition or more?  Thanks for your reply!



Chris (male)



Hello Chris,



Thank you for asking this question. Each individual has a feminine polarity and masculine polarity and the creative process, the process in which all inspired thoughts are brought forward in the material world, has both masculine cycles and feminine cycles. In order to manifest we must be able to run our inspired ideas and plans through both our masculine and feminine expression. This means we must take action (masculine) at certain times yet wait, allow, and be receptive, and surrendered at others (feminine). This balance between becoming the void and being introspective (feminine) and carrying out the information and frequency adjustments (masculine) that were received within the feminine cycle is the engine of creativity is the dance of the creative process.



In regards to specifically understanding the feminine in relation to the creative process.



The feminine is expressed differently in everyone depending on their unique expression, however, some tell-tale signs that the feminine polarity is at play is: Stillness, introspection, darkness, softness, vastness, slow, undulating, strength through gentleness, receptive, raw creative energy, growth through nurturing, emotion, intuitive insights. Those are all expressions that form within us that are based in the feminine core polarity.



So when it comes to the reemergence of the feminine in regards to the creative process we are looking at a prominent tendency to surrender to our creative process more, to yield to the flow, and become open. Creatively, the masculine wants to act, he wants to attack things, he wants to be busy, he wants things to happen now. When he is imbalanced or immature he may think that he can use force to create, he may not understand that there is a great deal of action in inaction, which is the core of the feminine phase of creation- Action through inaction.



It is already done.



The reemergence of the feminine asks us to understand that “it” is already done. That everything we are creating is already complete in it’s highest form and that the only thing separating us is our core vibrational frequency in relation to it. Once our core frequency consistently matches the core frequency of that in which we are trying to create through aligned actions we are able to manifest exactly what we are wanting and needing.




Creativity comes from aligning with your higherself: Co-creating.



The feminine reminds us that creation is co-creation, that we are aligning with our higherself, listening to it’s instruction, and trusting ourselves enough to genuinely receive insights that lead to inspired action. The thing about this “inspired action” is that it comes from quiet, surrendered alignment with the feminine; very little action is needed. Intuition based action is precise, efficient, and without struggle as it is supported by the rhythms that make up creation itself.



The balanced feminine allows, she acts from intuition, she lets things come, she waits (allows things to gestate) until she is balanced and things are clear and ready to be birthed. She understands and even enjoys the the slow or unclear times and  lets them move through her knowing that in time all will be revealed. She knows that the 3d world around her now is malleable and responsive to the raw frequency that she cultivates within her, not the other way around.



There is action in inaction.



The feminine creation phase is about being open, allowing, being gentle with ones self, and understanding that stillness and inaction is by no means unproductive. The feminine asks us to release our ideals about working hard and sacrificing and invites us to soften into who we truly are and allow the world we desire to manifest around us. When we oscillate into a feminine cycle we are called to embrace and feel our emotions, no matter how extreme or repressed. She knows that our emotions determine our experience and any denial or distortion of our emotional process constipates our ability to genuinely feel the clear truth of our soul. She knows that without a connection to our higher self everything that should be beautiful makes us ache with pain rooted in a blindness that formed from our own self neglect and ignorance.



When it comes to creativity your feminine polarity will remind you that it is already done and that creating is just as much about alignment, and surrender as it is about physically working. The feminine is raw creative potential and when we align with it we have access to incomprehensible insight and inspiration. When we align with that raw force we begin co-creating with the very source that beats our heart and turns the seasons, it is the seat of creativity itself. The masculine is the energy that carries out the insights that are brought through this feminine process. The feminine is open and gathers, becomes pregnant with potential through receptivity, openness and intuition; while the masculine carries out the actions that are needed to ground the raw energy coming through the feminine. He acts upon the ideas that come forward from the feminine cycle, he brings them to life in the material world.  Together through the back and forth of  feminine and masculine, surrender, and receptivity  and inspiration, to refining, building and giving structure through action,  the masculine and feminine birth all things into this world.



I hope that helps,