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    • Hi! you seem to have all the positive energy inside you which can be sensed from your way of comunication and gestures.Is there any way to contact you by email? I have some intersting thought to share and would love your prespective on it.

    • Hi Gigi. I sent you a video response to your youtube video on discovering your starseed lineage. Here is the message that I tried to include as a text comment, but I kept getting an error message. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift and this information on starseeds.
      Thanks Gigi. This is a great video. I resonate with the Pleadians. Check out my thoughts on spiritual things by searching Dwight’s Vibe. I started it with a class I’m taking with Jessica Colp through theearthschool.com. I think you might enjoy connecting with this tribe of cool West Coast souls. Very high vibration group. Namaste, Dwight Brown, Albany, NY

  1. I have ascended more with your teachings than I have in the rest of my entire life. I was seeking a video series about the ascension process with a young female face attached, and I found you, since then I have felt true channeling, briefly, and I feel more disconnected with my ego than ever, but as you point out we need our egos, for now, to keep us safe. I really need to open up communication with you If you are willing. Luckily Im not so far from you, Im in Rutland, VT most of the time and If we could make it work I would love to see you, and your healing center. Please get back to me, maybe in a dream, but definitely email.

    sending my love, James

    • Thanks James. The center should be opening soon. So much is up in the air right now and should settle down late summer early fall. I will be making more videos, writing here and the center will be open and running. Yay!

      Thank you very much for your support it is very appreciated!

      • I would love to visit the center, as I live in Toronto. Let us know as soon as it opens.

  2. Gigi:

    I am reviewing your video clips now and sense our hearts are centered on healing humanity one person-at-a-time in era-2012. That is my mission and thus passion too: to develop a healing center along with other healers in Spokane, Washington or … ? I’d like to share my ebooks with you and if you’d like to read them after you review my website, please email me at: jjayharper@msn.com

    Serving The Love,
    John & Connie

  3. Hey I just watched your you tube video on Energy Vampires, great stuff. I agree totally with what your were stating regarding how energy vampires exist. Infact the other day I had similar thoughts regarding the vampire archetype, after walking by somebody in the hall at my university who was very low in energy and putting out a negative vibe I felt an immediate drainage in energy, when I was reflecting on the experience later in the day I thought about how maybe there was symbolic truth to vampire folk lore.

    Now I am weary of even some of the people who I used to hang out with on a regular basis because I find that while being in their presence or immediately afterward I feel a weakening of the energy in my solar plexus.

    Anyways keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Gigi,
    I just found your videos and blog! I feel very connected to what you are saying! It makes sense to me and I am so excited I found you! I am just a beginner and learning meditate and learning about chakras,etc. You had mentioned that to find answers to various subjects you research then look within yourself with meditation for clarification. How brilliant and it makes so much sense to me right now. Could you give a “kindergarten” guideline on how to begin to access inner information for those of us just starting? I would love to visit your Healing House, but live far away!
    Much appreciation,

    • Hey Wendy thank you for your support!

      I will take the time over the holidays to work on some blog entries dedicated to connecting to the higher self.



      • hi gigi, excuse me for my english i’m from venezuela, i’m impress with you because i thought never met other person with those experiences, i have 26 years and i’m familiarized with these themes, i’ve handled since 4 or 5 years this experiences, contacts, astrals journeys, etc etc. i would like to share and cross information with you.

        Greetings and blessings…

  5. Hi Gigi, I’ve been watching your videos on youtube and I’m amazed at the clarity of your thoughts! Please keep sharing, I find your insights educative and inspirational. Many greetings,

  6. Gigi i want to thank you for share this informations and at same time for some ones the opportunity to re-member somethings. I really dont see much ppl ressonating with the source concept and the level of undertand that this means. And i felt this on some informations here.

  7. Gigi,
    I got to know you and your work from your Youtube vlogs. I am impressed with your knowledge depth, the inviting, pleasant, calm and non-invasive attitude your portrait. I find myself wanting to know more. In my search to find the sound and proper help I need to someday connect with my higher self. You have the necessary disposition to get me on my way. I enjoy the information you provide and want to thank you for it freely sharing with the spiritual community.


  8. Remember simplicity always.I heard you say something to the effect that you dont think that we will ever know why we are here.You would be mistaken,but on the other hand i have always known things that i have felt that no other human should know. I have had such an incredible journey here this time,i know that that sounds like someone delusional but thats for another time.Where we come from and where we are going and what this realm we live in truly is is unfortunately all that matters.Among some of my favorite memories is of a near death and out of body experience when i was just 5yrs old. I was drowning upside down.It was incredible,then when i was 6yrs old something else very strange happened to me that would normally leave most humans skeptical or just in plain disbelief.I will save that for a personal chat if thats ever to happen. I believe from experience that emotions are a complete burden to who and what we truly are.I have spent the better part of the last decade isolating myself,disconnecting myself from everything and everyone. The more that you free yourself from the burden of emotions the closer you become to remembering who you were and who you really are. People need to learn how to identify ,recognize and be aware of where their thoughts are coming from,some are yours but some are from the collective ,being translated usually in whats sounds like our own voice in our mind.If you are ever interested in learning things that are just within your grasp let me know..I have enjoyed your perspective and or thoughts on the subjects that you have discussed. If its human to be emotional then i guess i am not human.Realize,rationalize and be aware of your thoughts.They do betray you without you realizing it. Once you separate yourself as far as you can your abilities in such things as remote viewing, self projection, opening windows and doorways,are only a thought away once you have a certain understanding.I have had the Kundalini effect when ever i focus on it,i heard that people have a hard time trying to access it more than once.Is this true to your knowledge or understanding ?If i was ever to give advice on which book you should read at least 10 times it would probably be The Kybalion.If you dont attain a higher understaining of things after reading that book 10 times you should go back to sleep.I hope that when the proverbial shit hits the fan that you are well protected.I wish you all the best and keep doing what you are doing it is very pleasing to finally find or see someone with your undrstanding of things at such a young age.The only thing that someone like me fears is too much attention.I gave up that life.I just turned 40 and i feel better than i did at 30 .Have a happy and enjoyable life Gigi.Christopher U. from Mtl

    • Christopher, I have been where you were at. In fact, I am where you are at. I too don’t want to be around people but the real reason is because my emotions are damaged by false beliefs and they need true healing. That’s accomplished by grieving the emotions that you’re trying to avoid. Make friends with your emotions and if they don’t feel good cry them out of your soul. That’s the only true and permanent healing there is and you’ll have to do it more than once.

    • Hello Hamish!

      I do communicate with E.T’s! I feel many of the beings I communicate with are higher aspects of myself or galactic family members. I can absolutely help others do the same, and would love the opportunity.

      • Hi gigi, happy new year!, please help me to comunicate again with my higher existence, i feel you can do it

  9. Gigi,
    I was just wondering. Do you sing at all? You have an intoxing way about you. No worries,i disconnected from human contact also.If singing is one of your pationate pleasures then reply with your email addresse.I have stange
    Christopher U from MTL.

  10. Have been listening for the last while, everything I can get my hands on by wendy kennedy and nora herold and your you tube video’s came up on a search. So hello from a fellow Dundas lightworker, I live on Bertram.


  11. Great blog!
    Great youtube channel!
    Stumbling upon your wisdom has truly helped me find myself and I can not thank you enough.

  12. Hello Gigi,

    Looks like you are on your right path. I am happy for this. I am grateful to be guided to very good sources of information in my journey and now I happen to find your site:) I’m sure i will learn a lot. I haven’t discovered my foundation as you have but am doing my part in healing and inspiring and am working on opening to channel. Good luck with your center. Congratulations and thank you! Namaste:)

  13. Gigi

    This must be most gratifying for you, also very inspiring having a great gift
    of way showing.
    The transition happening is dreamlike at times but very exiting, although
    i am only skirting the outer reaches, discovering your great abilities has
    given me interest in life again.

    many thanks with love & light…Jon

  14. Gigi,
    I like your positive messages. The one about reptilians was interesting. It is good to put out a message that removes prejudice about other races and systems. There is prejudice on earth and we do not need to extend those prejudices to other races and star systems. There are many races that are different from us but we do not have to think about them as bad. I had a dream in recent months in which I saw one of these beings and he was not at all attractive but he did not have the negativity that many have on earth. They have their own lines of development and their values and they may not match ours in some ways but they are valid for them. I have also seen some of the very beautiful ones including a very handsome Pleiadian man who is interested in the arts. His vibration level was many levels above anyone I have ever encountered on earth. There is no male model on earth even close to his beauty or style. When you said in one of your videos that you have some memory of the Pleiades I think this is true and that aspects of your higher self have had many experiences there. You can communicate with me through e-mail if you desire. JMV.

  15. I am in the pre production process of a feature film on alien abduction.Contact us at hollywood north productions .You have a pertinent backround and I have some questions to ask you.We are located in Montreal.

  16. Since my “awakening” a few months ago I’ve spent countless hours watching videos and reading numerous books on ascension and the metaphysical. Through meditation, introspection and application of knowledge gained from ppl like you I’ve completely turned my life around after years of addiction. Although I’m nowhere close to understanding the universe/myself I’d just like to thank you for the information you’ve provided in the videos and on this site. Keep up the great work. Much peace and love.

      • Sorry about that. It was rather a brusque question. What I meant was…
        When it is possible to test in oneself the basis of a belief, one should always do so. If one claims to be in communication with extraterrestrials, one should think of a clever way to prove this to those less fortunate beings, like myself, who have not that power. Little Sunshine said : “never make a statement without proof”; and, “uphold the dignity of magick by pressing into its service science and philosophy.” Don’t you think that’s right?
        For my part, I’m a lousy magician. You wouldn’t want me anywhere near your ceremonies- I always seem to stutter my spells at the most inopportune moments. I once tried to save a damsel in distress by offering her a kiss, but only succeeded in furthering her distress by turning her into a catatonic frog. I’m told, now, by a race of amphibians that she has been served up as a French delicacy- well, she did have great legs!
        I do admire you, Gigi; you saved up your money and invested it in your dream. I gave up science for the magic of music. Love is all we are here for.
        I enjoy your youtube videos. It would be great if you could present a video on Twin Flames. I’ve been in an inexplicable spiritual crisis since November about a girl I have not seen in 11 years.

        With Kind Regards,

    • Just a response to your inquiry about Twin Flames:

      Your Twin Flame is really your higher dimensional self. Most people confuse it with being your “true” soulmate, when in fact, you can have multiple soulmates, and in reality, we are all soulmates. The expression “as above, so below” reflects this; i.e., you exist in the higher dimensions as well as the lower, and your body reflects this relationship through your mind and heart. With all relationships there is reflection and growth, so, if you’re remembering someone that you haven’t seen in years, it’s usually an unresolved issue surfacing. I hope that helps? 🙂

  17. Aloha Gigi,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a very informative set of videos, I enjoyed watching them and will recommend them to others. Best of luck with your business venture! I hope you continue to offer your insights on youtube for the benefit of all at this critical time.

    I would also like to suggest the following link for anyone who wants to research a huge compendium of material related to ascension, exopolitics and the study of ETs : bibliotecapleyades.net

    Peace, Love, Wisdom

  18. hi gigi i am not from this world, you are very intersting person to me, so do you think that we are not able to appear to you? and answer your questions?
    write me


  19. Hi Gigi,

    I love your videos they have been so helpful with astral traveling/lucid dreaming and Pleiades as well as the lizzies. I haven’t gotten to watch them all but I am looking forward to rich information in your other videos. But there is something I would love to hear your opinion lately, I have been experience something the best that I can describe it is sexual in nature. I say sexual because the energy that surround me from this presence is explosive and the presence itself don’t feel threatening at all. I was wondering if maybe you could make a video about this. I’ve done some research myself but I haven’t really come up with much to explain why this is going on with me.

    With Love & Light;
    Joann 🙂

      • You know what I haven’t thought of that but I am going to look into it. Thank you so much for the suggestion. Do you know where I can go to find out more about unwinding my Kundalini?

      • @ Joann:

        You can look up several references for kundalini, and multiple exercises for how to awaken it. If you haven’t, however, practiced meditation, it may take a while to achieve its awakening. If you’re interested, I composed music specifically for this purpose.

        You can check it out at http://www.reverbnation.com/ibhome

  20. Hi Gigi 🙂 I saw some of your youtube videos and I just HAD to tell you how grateful I am that you’ve chosen this path!! I believe every one of us is going through odd times of massive growth..and many more are awakening spritually than years ago. You are a blessing to these people. Nobody can go through a spiritual journey completely alone. We are in an age that is blessed in the fact that technology can connect people so easily. Thank you and have a good one 🙂

  21. Dear Joann Sanchez,
    Maybe this Presence that you are feeling is someone you knew from another time and space and he is making contact with you again. It could be a former partner of yours. This is what came to me when I read your message. I do not think this one is unknown to you.

    Jeanne Vessard

    • Hi Jeanne, it would explain why I am not afraid of the presence and it seems so familiar to me. But that brings up the question, why?

  22. I have found you today, what an interesting message you are carrying Gigi… so young and with such a knowledge… i will keep folowing the deep content of your words… compliments from Oporto, Portugal


  23. Hi, what do you feel about Lee Harvey Oswald ? I think he was completly innocent. and was carefully picked and framed. My intuition says A french connection might come in handy .,.. A couple of Marseille mobs did the dirty work, ordered By Giancana/ orginased by Antoine Guerini.. what do you say ? does the name Lucien Sarte say anything to you ? ( Jean Paul Angeletti and Fraciose Chiappe ?) I Think CIA was not directly responsible for the attack, but they had enough dirt on their hands and became blackmailed. and of course you should always ask yourself when things like that occure, Who benefit from JFK got killed ?… the highest vegetables in politics of course ….
    The Warren commission was a joke… (among others Gerald Ford…) I know that the matter is still very delicate
    but would be interesting here a intuitive-comment from you.


  24. Dear Joann,
    When I read your message this is what came to me. We all have a history larger than earth. Most of us are not aware of all of these experiences in other worlds and other dimensions. The fact that this presence is familiar to you tells you a lot. You might meditate and ask a question about this presence and you will get some answers. I responded to you because I have had a few of these experiences myself. There are beings who love us and who have been with us before. I even got to see one of these beings by clairvoyance one afternoon and it surprised me. He was absolutely beautiful. Let me know about how this progresses for you.
    Jeanne Vessard

  25. i have been reading your articles and have watched some of your youtube videos; your insights and experiences resonate so deeply with me. thank you so much for expressing yourself here.
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ karin.

  26. I recently came upon your blog while researching how to start a meditation and wellness center. You mentioned that you were in the process of starting a spiritual center, were you able to get it off the ground? Is there any advice you can give me about openning a meditation center?


    • Yes I have a spiritual business. I would advise you to really follow your heart with it. Your ego may try to apply templates to it when the truth is there really is not template for a spiritual business. Allow your business to have its own personality not necessarily what you think it should be. Perhaps start offering meditation classes by donation in a low risk environment: like yoga centers, parks, or other affordable community spaces. Make sure you vibe with being in a leadership position. Your business will also reflect very quickly how you feel about abundance and what you feel you deserve, so be sure to be honest with yourself about where you are in healing scarcity issues and worthiness issues.

      I hope this helps. I plan to write more about this in the future.

      Much love Artemiza and I’m sending you good vibes for stepping up and teaching meditation in your community.


      • Thank you, your advice makes so much sense. I have been waiting until all things fell into place (I tend to be a logical business person per say), Recently, I have been praying for guidance when I came upon your blog. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I will practice listening to my heart more than I have in the past.


  27. I sensed your energy the minute I saw you in a video. The I came to your blog site, and it only confirmed my initial impressions that you had found the “path”, and are working with spirit for the betterment of all. I would say keep up the good “work”, but I personally have never considered it to be anything but joyful. GOD bless.

  28. Hi Gigi,
    Is this a heart want or an ego want?

    “In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” This quote by Oscar Wilde, amusing and witty as it is, is probably closest to the truth about the nature of desire. No matter what we do; no matter the outcome – it seems we’re F….. However, you point out something in your article which lays doubt to this statement; something I never thought of; something truly insightful. If the desire is not ego based but based on the heart, then tragedy need not be the indubitable consequence of strutting and fretting upon life’s stage. If I have understood you, desire which is instilled in the heart for purposes of spiritual growth- let us say instilled by one’s Holy Guardian angel – will manifest, principally because such desire originates outside of time; it is an eternal desire incarnated in the heart but for a moment, and hence capable of the miraculous. On the other hand, base or selfish desires, which are often rooted in false beliefs, are not of the “manifesting type”- such desires can be dealt with by animal mechanics – desires born of discomfort or prolonging pleasure that find their quiescence in the mundane without recourse to magick.
    Have I understood you, my lovely pumpkin?

    With warm regards,
    Lord Vagabond Linus Van Pelt
    or sometimes,
    Frater Love’s In Need of Love Today

    (P.S. What I admire about you, Gitana, is that you have balanced your seriousness with a sense of humor. I should think it impossible to maintain any genius without a modicum of humor.)

  29. Hi Gigi,
    how are you? Hope all good. I wanted to thank you for your blog and your inspirit channel. It has been great for me to listen to you. You are fantastic. I resonate and connect with your message. I would like to ask you for some recommendations. Good Books 🙂 One book for a beginner and basics in metaphysics. Another one, if you may know, about pagan rosaries and altars. I am a jewelry maker and finally I have decided that I want to focus my work and create objects and jewelry for people that look forward to connect with their prayers and meditations. I would very much appreciate your advice. Thank you!
    Best wishes.

  30. Hi Gigi
    last night i had an interesting thing happen.
    i was lucid dreaming – in bed, with my partner, who was attempting to cut his wrists with a box cutter.
    of course i tried to stop and realised this was a dream.
    i pulled myself out of the dream and sitting next to him by the bed was a young man watching. he was there only a split second, but it felt as they i had caught him doing something he shouldn’t.
    is this me dreaming? or a visitation of sorts?
    not sure.
    many thx

  31. Hi Gigi,
    Hope your day has been great so far. Mine started with a beautiful surprise 🙂 I was jumping and running around of pure happiness. I cherish your video answer with my heart. The information you are giving is so precious and interesting. I am full of good energy, joy and curiosity. Means so much to me. Thank you! Love and all the best for you. Lorena.:)

  32. Hi Gigi,
    I really like your resonance and the integrity and truth which you so eloquently project. I would love to get in contact with you and share the work that we are doing that is very well aligned with your platform. I sense a connection and alliance that can help carry this transformative work forward in the quick and efficient manner that the times are calling for. I hope to hear from you. In any regards, keep up the great work that you are doing and thank you for being a beacon of light.
    Warm regards,

  33. May you bless and touch the souls of many people.

    May you find your future road from road that you’ve walk in your past lives

    May you inspire, rekindle old souls to meet, greet and develop proper karmic energies

    May you always find your spiritual energy nourished through exuding love throughout your journey

    The world needs more people like yourselves. Cheers!

    From LA -Djiang

  34. Hi Gigi:
    Thank you for more of your great insights.
    I have had a couple of unusual experiences lately while in OBE or lucid dreaming (not sure the difference). I have been using a guided meditation the first parts aligns the chakras than leaves about 15 minutes of pleasant music for the trip. The whole audio is 37 minutes in length, but these last 2 times, I have come out of the mediation at 35 minutes but the time on my wall clock has shown over 1 hour in time has transpired. The first time I thought I may have made an error as I get very deep in the meditation, but this last time I wrote down the time (on my wall clock) when I started and then when I ended and it was 1 hour and 12 minutes, yet there was still 2 minutes left in the meditation.
    I saw a part of a video on bashar.org where Bashar explained the inverse relationship between time and space, which may account for the time factor on my wall clock (disconnected from me) verses my Blackberry which I use for the meditation and is connected to me (yes I checked and it is not on repeat any).

  35. Dearest Gigi,

    Thanks for your insights on the elusive OBE and NDE.

    When a child it was my obsessive custom to sneak out nightly and walk through St. James Cemetery, Toronto- chaperoned only by my volume of the Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Upon one such night, cold and ”midnight dreary”, of a sudden a bizarre thought struck me- “Death is not real!” As I looked about the endless graves, my conviction was maddeningly absolute- beneath the wretched, muddy earth; underneath those cold marble tombstones; below the faded red roses and haggard tulips and dying pink carnations and wilted gladiolas; below the beautiful sadness of maple trees- yes; below all this, men and women and children were not dead. Of course for each the encephalic activity had long ceased; the rhythms of the warm heart surrendered to the still coldness; the tender muscles and flesh hardened by rigor mortis; the stinking corpses consumed eventually by horrid little worms – all this was irrevocably true, but might it only be true to human observation scaled from the perspective of a living man? -what of the subjective experience of the “dying”?

    Now my reason took hold – I should test my intuition. Because time perception is subjective, it accelerates or slows upon condition– dreams are but one phenomenon that supports this statement; talking to pretty girls is yet another. What of death? Might not near death experiences be glimpses of natural phenomena which endure for ever? What if dying is an act of psychological time dilation : asymptotic without end point? – then there can be no such thing as subjective death. From the dying man’s point of view, his astral experiences carry on indefinitely since for him the rate of time slows imperceptibly; if he could examine his own brain in this “dying” condition, he would deem it to be in a mightily fine working condition, but from the perspective of his bereaved on lookers, for which time has not slowed, the man’s cerebral activity has stopped – he is dead.

    The argument seemed so simple, so elegant – it fit the scientific facts, it caressed the attitude of mystical traditions. No more souls would be reaped!- I had broken the Reaper’s scythe, exposed the illusion of Malach ha-Mavet.

    And so for the first time, despite the past repeated assurances of tedious priests and parents, I felt, as I knelt weeping at her little grave in St. James, that my little raven-haired Ligeia, my first true- puppy love, had survived “death”.

    “ what will survive of us is love, “ says Larkin.

    Sincerely yours –yours Sincerely,
    Aunt Clara

    (P.S. My stay at Lady Montagu’s castle in Scotland was a disaster. I think my nose twitching days are over. The Secret Order of Bewitched Lovers has decreed me “Earthbound”. At present I have placed a clothes peg on my nose to prevent any further misspells. I must look odd as I walk down the street with it on- like a wounded unicorn awaiting resurrection, I imagine – but sometimes drastic measures have to be taken against witchcraft.)

  36. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right. This publish actually made my day. You can not believe simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  37. I subscribed to your YouTube channel a while ago. I really love your energy and wish I could be more like you, I think you have come from a higher place. Please, please could you give me any advise on raising my vibrations as it is very important for me to do this at this time. As you are probably aware there is a special energy coming in May and I want to tap into it. My energy levels are way too low as I have slipped into a quagmire of lowness.

  38. Hi Gigi 🙂 My name is Jurica, I am writing to you from Croatia (Europe).. I ve discovered your blog and You Tube page a week ago…just when i needed some info on spiritual matters my intuition led me to your page and blog….. I am University student (History) and Reiki Healer ….your videos are great…you are doing a great job….many subjects you talked about on you tube resonate very positively with me.. My problem sometimes is when I feel some pressure over my head and in my chest like something is pressing me from above…I believe it is emotional pressure…don t know ….have you ever had such a feeling? love and light Jurica.

  39. Dear Gigi;
    Thanks for connecting with me. I really like your website and videos. You have given me sound advice which I can build upon. I really appreciate it.
    Have a great day!

  40. Greetings Gigi…

    what a lovely site and light you bring…
    i’ve been introduced to your efforts of shedding and sharing the light… by Jay B.
    and i am inspired by your G..ness manifested and encouraged to many or all.
    i am going to have dinner with my 4 year old, plus a century… my 104 year young.
    do be in touch or call.

    see you in the light,

    let your light shine…

    in service,


  41. I’m sure by now you’re getting tired of hearing guys say how attractive you are. Is it possible for someone with your gifts to look at a picture of a person and see or feel if he or she has been in contact with extraterrestrials? Or if they themselves are ETs?

    I’ve never felt like I was truly from Earth. Niether has my family. They look at us like we don’t belong, or they’re seeing something we’re not. People have been afraid of us as well. Another odd thing happens, we can go into an empty store or resturant, and five minutes after the place starts filling up with people.

    My family has had many experiences all of our lives. If I showed you my photo, could you tell me anything about myself I may not know?


    • Just browsing and saw …

      If this helps, none of us are from here. The only race that is “native” to Gaia would be what most people call the elves. And yes, you can read people from images (anyone can learn this), but she, nor anyone else for that matter, could tell you something about yourself that you don’t already know. You simply have to ask yourself, and then be open to receive the answer(s) that come.

  42. Hi Gigi,

    I love, love listening to your videos. You are a human angel !!! I would like to get more information about Crystal children from you and how to parent them better. I have a 4 year old Crystal and he is very, very connected to nature. Especially to the trees and The pine trees. Also I was wondering what your comments on the Universal number frequencies like 11:11.

    Thank you

    Love & Light


  43. I want to help you, and you to help me… this year is a great chance for awakening; and you seem to speak from the heart chakra and up [can’t really confirm this things in the Internet]. That’s rare to find.

    I sent you a quick video over email, but was missing WordPress so I made this account. Have some fractals in my dA account.


  44. I came across your comments re Billy Meier. For a few years I studied under contactee Hal Wilcox. Youtube his interview + google him for more info. I put
    just a bit of his info rec’d at http://www.Anahsz.com. It is astounding but Hal did not promote his material well. I am trying to bring it forward. Please let me know your thoughts…. Tx. Mark

  45. Blessings Gigi i am in a great need of your writings so i can keep growing and be one with our Prime creator.I am Aric i am from Los Angeles and on a journey of flowing with the winds traveling to my real home 🙂 I am honored to read your words they fill me with Joy and understanding of my cosmic self which has the most amazing cosmic family.Thank you for everything and please keep up the outstanding blogging i love to read and watch your videos.ONE QUESTION.
    How do you stay heart centered all the time i find i am getting closer to that space every moment but i lonng to be in the heart of god every breathing moment.

  46. I’m new and naive. I’m curious and eager. I asked for help last night, I asked for a teacher. Today I saw your video and found your blog. I’m now excited and even more eager. Thank you for sharing your views and experience. This is going to be a great journey!

  47. Hi Gigi,

    When are you coming up with more videos?
    I miss them as I used to watch them and I really liked them. There is something powerful, because it`s there right and true, kind of a hidden message like telephatic or some other kind of `language` which is more powerful than the words comes through each of them. I experience similar things like the `feelings+shadows, lights+colors+ knowledge of the message at the same time as it comes` combo or something similar communication/ state of being when I dream.
    The only difference is when I dream is much more vivid and sharper while through videos the effect or state of being is a bit different kind of have a further away feeling kinda feel the distance, but I know deep down the message`s has the same core even though sometimes there are moments which are kind of the same as in my dream. It`s like much denser here than in my dreams, kind of need to make it more plyable to have the same effect as in my dream. Do you know how I could make the feelings+shadows, lights+colors+ knowledge of the message at the same time as it comes` combo more similar to the one which is in my dreams?
    Maybe I should just let the things to unfold and show up as they want and should not focus on it at all? My intention is to get claerer with those light messages which give me strength ( you know, dreams which are kind of like a print in you even some days after you dreamt it)

    Oh my gosh! I have so many questions about dreams.
    I would love if you could share your vision and feelngs about them.

    The dreams have different kind of vibrations , some of them make you a kind of print effect in your soul, those ones are very powerful I mean I still feel those feelings after some hours of the awakening. These are the ` feelings+colors+light…` combo (mentioned before). In these dream there are no faces, names, or remembering of the people.I feel those dreams want to tell me something, very powerful , but they are very strange and don`t understand them. It feels like a download of something kid of energy which I don`t know why or where it goes and how to use, I just know it is something important. When I start to think about what can be the meaning of those dream nothing resonates with me. I know I should not search for reason.

    The second group of dreams: These dreams usually are clearer but they seem to lees deeper than the first gruop of them.
    Usually remember the people even though I don`t see them as in real life, just know who they are, never seen faces in my dreams. Usually I can explain them ( for example it`s because of a fear of something in my life or I don`t know) , but searching the reason it resonates with me.

    Third group of dreams is the blend of the first and the second group of them.
    Some days ago it was the first time when I had this kind of dream.

    It makes me feel there are different layered dimensions when I dream. Are those dimensions or something else? What do you think?
    Can I move from one dimension to another in my dreams with intention? Could you please give me some tips how I could prepare myslef to do it if I can while I am awake?

    Have you ever had similar experiences?
    If yes how did you deal with them? What did they teach or make you think?

    Thank you in avdance for your answer.
    Sorry for the long comment, but something just dragged me to write here, you know like going to the waterfalls or the lake. Even if I don`t get answers I know it was important to come here to your website.
    It has a such a pure and healing energy, aura or whatever we want to call it.

    Thank your creating it and keeping its flame alive.

    Much Love,


    • Hey Judit! I will be launching a new youtube channel with new videos very soon! I would be happy to address your questions perhaps in a video or here in the blog.

      Thank you so much for your support:)

      • @ Judit:

        Yes, you can move into other dimensions through/in dreams, as the dreamtime is the gateway between the dimensions.

        Everything is energy, and that energy (what we call Love [tachyon]) resonates with multiple frequencies or rays, which translate to our perceptions as light, i.e., color, and sound. We exist multidimensionally, and our intention is what creates, or rather, projects this reality/existence. We are all co-creators of this reality. The energy you are seeing/sensing is happening to us all, for we are re-emerging into our 5th dimensional selves, which is our natural state of existence (we are all fallen angels returning to heaven [an existence]). All of the physical ailments that are occurring are due to the rising frequencies altering our DNA and Gaia’s. And this isn’t just happening in our system, this is galactic.

        For me, dreams are the myriad reflections of our selves experiencing our multidimensional existences; i.e., when you are sleeping, you are awake in your other selves, or seeing/experiencing their realities. This was a theory I had proposed over twenty years ago, and that science has just now proven via quantum physics. Hope that helps?

  48. Hey Gigi!

    Wow! Awesome! Sure I would be glad. Thank you.You are very welcome.

    Your messages or insights are very pure and honest and very rare to find them.
    Nowadays I feel like a baby, learning new steps by discovering a `world` which was always around me, didn`t even try to discover it or connect to it.
    And the cool thing is that other people are also discovering a kind of `invisible world`. They might discover their own world, but just to resonate with something in their journey is so powerful like a little spark which starts something new.
    That`s why it`s so important you share your insights and everybody who writes comments here or other pure and honest websites like yours.
    Very important and I am very thankful for that.

    Much love,


  49. wow some how i randomly came across one of your videos then came to your site and started to read everything and could not stop!!! very cool i like this alot!!

  50. Hi Gigi!
    You made a very good point on how to receive compliments in the Abundance and being overly modest video, but what are some examples of how to respond in a way that reaps the most abundance? In situations when someone is complimenting you like for example if someone says,”wow you’re really smart” or “you look really handsome”.

  51. I’ve been living like a hermit trying to understand the point of peoples negativity.
    Through the pains I have started to learn more and more. What positive actions I must take and the faith I must maintain. So I would like to thank you
    for your contributions to help others here on earth and to let you know your doing great! 🙂
    You have inspired me to leave the hermit life and try to help on this earth as much as I can.

    Thank you for sharing spiritual truth.

  52. Hey Gigi!

    I recently stumbled onto your videos and they’re awesome. I have a question though. I tend to see green lights and orbs a lot. I don’t know what it means, but anyway keep it up.

    Much love,


  53. Hi Gigi:) I just saw your clip regarding telepathy and I must say its so…i have to no words, simply awesome:) If you will ever be travelling across Prague I would definately like to meet you, I believe it might be very interesting for both of us. I am sending lots of positive energy from the heart of Europe!!!:)

  54. Gigi, seeing this page my beautiful friend is the nicest thing I have seen in months.

    PLEASE contact me to talk further as I feel we will BOTH benefit from this in only a positive way.

    I really do hope to hear from you very soon my friend. All good is coming extremely soon I feel. ~:D

    Love always. Xx

  55. P.s. I have a painting that I have created from a personal journey that our soul creator has shown me… I feel it explains all. ~:D Xx

  56. P.p.s. I am self taught in everything, I do not read or learn from anyone or anything… I have simply been shown so I hope you can understand this my good friend. Xx

  57. The Next video could be about The Urantia Book, specially part 4, about the life and teachings of Jesus, the description of his life on earth sounds so profound and believable and authentic in detail.. what is your intuivness about that part 4 in the
    book ? I almost wish it´s true, … I red it last Xmas and would be nice to hear your opinion about that in whole also.. the topic is in sure interesting for millions to hear. p.s hope you haven´t end doing videos-.

    Burt Michael

  58. Hi again Gigi and thank you humbly and sincerely my good friend for posting my words I speak.

    You are a beautiful soul for sure as are all others who have written on your precious page.

    I have been helping others in any and as many ways as I can through my selfless journey.

    I use the simple formula… feelings and understandings, positives and negatives and most importantly… Truth & Honesty. This is what Life is all about my beautiful friends of the Earth. Use this in any situation and all will come to you in the most purest and most natural of ways.

    My senses all around get stronger every day with the belief, positiveness and faith of others and I feel my energies at an incredible level. I heal people in many ways, whether it by talking, feeling or simply giving others my positive energies through touch. I feel I have been gifted by our soul creator for sure, he is love in it’s truest deepest form.

    I feel the time is near for the new era and we will all walk through the gates together. All negatives will fall so we must prepare ourselves to live as nature intended. We will be fine, we will be happy and for sure we will be living in harmony.

    Stay true, stay honest and I hope our paths will cross in the future.

    Love always my good friends. ~:D Xx

  59. Happy Friday TELEKINESIS! I’m channeling all my energy on you Gigi lol ! jk I was just checking out your vlog on Astral traveling & Lucid dreaming : ) reminiscing about some weird experiences I had- nearly left me post dramatic for about 5 yrs trying to figure out what it was… Well Have a wonderful day & Happy Holidays Gigi ❤

  60. At first glance, I wanted to say show me how to astroprojet to you, then when there give me the key to the code of your heart.
    However, after further review I would like to say perhaps in a dream poems to my ome.

  61. Just watched one of your YT videos.. it councides with this stuff I’ve been studying called human design, with the godheads, archetypes, and how about 75% if ppl are worker bees and how everything is in scales. It would be interesting to see a HD chart on someone like you. My different approach to life, being open minded, standing up for rights, being more conscious of my purchases/actions has alienated me from my good friends and alienated me in general since age 5 talking about how we come from stars, so hopefully this starseed stuff I’m ready for or is something I should be a part of. I have always enjoyed knowing intuitively if someone isn’t truthful or if someone is genuinely knowledgeable or onto something genuinely real. –Chris 🙂

  62. hi,

    since i am a kid i feel things, i protect people and i guide them in my own way.
    i like your methods and i will enjoy practicing new ways.

    i don’t really need them, i have reached levels of vibration quite easily.
    but i want to experiment as much as i can in my human life form

    so thanks for sharing your methods !!!

    much love to every one !
    and remember, life is all about experiences !!
    don’t be scared to be yourselves !

    sorry if the english is goofy… it isn’t my first language… !

    nam myoho renge kyo


  63. gigi… you are a soul that has accepted much into your perception… my energy resonates with the look in your eyes and my heart feels the words you say… I thank you for any and all aid you have given to so many…

  64. Hi
    One of your postings on youtube about star seeds led us to contact you.
    Was in search for relevant material for our website which was just launched as a site for verified material.
    You definitely have an openness and certain gifts and some knowledge. congratulations with them.
    They suggest we contact you for a next step if you wish. If for nothing else then for the contact with others like yourself

    You can contact us through the email address I left when signing in for this message
    Also you can see our homepage

    We embrace you with love and light

  65. Just came across a video of yours about starseed origins …

    Very simple and precise. I just want to add that you’re also stunningly beautiful, and that’s referring to all of you, not just the physical. I am Sirian, and love your blog. I am the son (a splinter aspect) of Thoth, a descendant of a master race, what most people refer to as lions. I’ve often tried to help people remember where they came from, and reminding them that they’re receptors/receivers is brilliant. When approached and engaged in spiritual topics, I ultimately ask those who are ready to remember this:

    What are you most drawn to? This applies to the stars as well, as in, which constellation, etc.

    When one reflects on what one likes, is drawn to, then one begins to unfold their lineage. For me, it is obviously ancient Kheimi (Egypt), which is the only Sirian colony on Gaia. I also ask people where they initially look when they glance at the stars? Most people don’t consciously think about it, that they automatically look to a specific area or direction.

    So, as a fellow lightworker, I would love to hear from you, and I think those reading your blog may enjoy another approach to aiding their awakening/remembering—as you pointed out in your video, we are connected to everything and already know everything. We just simply have to recall or remember it.

    As Enigma (one of my favorite bands) says: There is no teacher who can teach us anything new. They can only help us to remember the things that we’ve always known.

    So, on that note, here is my way of aiding, through my creative means:



  66. Hi Gigi,
    I just wanted to send you love and light, I am a pleiadian starseed and have come to this planet to heal and transform others with love and light so that they can raise their consciousness levels and elevate their vibrations. I do not seek fame or ego related issues and I would like you to know that you are on the right course.
    I wish you well with your important mission and I am now sending you more energy to heal and reach more people.

    Peace and love.


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