We Are More Than Our Bodies

We are more than our bodies:

People generally really resonate with the concept that we are not a human being having a spiritual experience we are a spiritual being having a human experience. The basic concept is that we are more than our bodies and we have access to more in this life than we realize.

This principal is just the beginning of self discovery and contains more truth than we acknowledge at times. When we begin to realize and own this truth what begins to happen is we begin to re-integrate higher aspects of our beings into our 3D consciousness. These “aspects” take the form of:

Memories – We have access to more experiences than we give ourselves credit for.

We begin to remember past lives, future lives and forgotten or blocked experiences in this life. This is because you are becoming aware of a much broader and higher spectrum of experiences. Usually the experiences that come forward at any given time are tied closely to karmic experiences you are going through now. For example if you are struggling with finances and you may have a memory bubble forward of a past life in which you renounced money. Now that you have re-integrated higher levels of your consciousness you have access to your souls specific lives as you would have access to memories of specific days. Of course if a fear based experience is creating a low vibrational frequency in your being it will be brought forward to be released, consciously or unconsciously. Your oversoul and its information is becoming inseparable from the individuated soul you incarnated with.

Blocks or Downloads of Information – We have access to more information than we realize.

As infinitely aware spiritual beings we have the ability to magnetically pull information to us, this information can come in “blocks” or “downloads” of information. These downloads seem to be multi- layered and contain large amounts of information. This information is generally needed to answer questions or fill in the blanks in your life, it comes from you higher-self. Sometimes these downloads are very creative and inspire music or art while others can contain mathematical equations or scientific break-throughs. Most of the time they contain personal information about your life and how to fully express yourself. It is in our highest interest to fully digest the information we receive through these downloads as they are geared to assist you in your progress and inspire you, they are letters from yourself before you incarnated here.

Abilities and Gifts – We have the ability to awaken more abilities and talents than we realize.

Just as we have access to more information than we realize there are actual tangible talents and abilities that we have access to. There are personal talents like other languages, writing, art, dance etc. and there are impersonal talents like bi-location, telepathy and healing. If we believe that our abilities are limited to the ones we have cultivated in this life only we are limiting ourselves. Child prodigies are people who incarnated here with such strong memories and love for a certain thing that they ooze that specific talent. We all have the ability to call forward our gifts; many times the ones we have access to are already close to our heart. The simple act of setting the honest intention to bring forward a specific ability is often enough to begin unraveling it.

The re-membering is also known as the re-gaining of DNA.


Perhaps the most incredible side effect of grounding our higher aspects into this life experience is the confident knowing that we gain. Concepts and experiences that seem complex or have no logic basis begin to become simple, as now you are pulling your information through a much larger filter, or a much larger index of information. We develop strong “knowings” that echo in our bones, these knowings tell us we have been here before that we already understand this. These knowing’s are deeper than logic but contain the full spectrum of mental information personally needed. Now that we have re-acquainted our 3d selves with the rest of our consciousness we pull from a greater library or catalog of knowings and experience. Perhaps most importantly we gain the ability to look at one situation through many different perspectives, which is the secret to allowing peace.


Dis –info:

I have gotten some messages asking me if certain teachers are dis information agents, which inspired me to write this piece.

Straight off the top I got the impression that the word “Dis Info” is getting a little ahead of its self and I feel as though people are using the word “dis-info” to describe material that doesn’t resonate with them as opposed to specific information from the government that is put out there to deceive and discredit innocent seekers.

What does “disinfo” actually mean?

The word dis-info, to me, is used to describe information that is rooted in manipulating people and confusing them. To dis-inform it takes a malicious intent as well as people who do not have the ability to discern information or people who do not have strong abilities to recognize truth.

What I have been seeing lately is people sharing information from their hearts and then people who do not feel it is truth calling it out as “dis Info”, when in fact it is just not their truth. This is a deep cut because many people interested in this spiritual material are very sensitive to that word, as they feel manipulative controlling factions have betrayed them in the past.

There is a famous quote about the devil that I feel reflects the moral of this article beautifully:

“ The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

This is exactly what is happening within the metaphysical community.

“The greatest trick the government/ illuminati ever pulled is convincing us that they are everywhere.”

Trust your gut when it comes to information.

Ultimately this scenario just serves as an echo to help people really learn how to discern on their own, because ones persons “dis-info” is another persons life changing break through. What is crap to you may be valid to someone else, even if you feel you know better. Part of becoming “enlightened” is allowing people to believe what they want and say what they want. You don’t have to agree with what they say but we have to agree with their right to say it.

It’s not there is one truth it’s that we are one truth.

Have we become so paranoid about being manipulated that we are now creating it in our lives? Anybody who has a different opinion is a lying or a dis-information agent? Really, it is not about the “truth” or what one person personally deems as such; it is about what information is right for you right now. It seems like we keep trying to pin down one truth or one way to live when In fact believing that there is one expression of truth is a distortion of the very unity consciousness we are trying to embody. We are all creators and we are all embodiments of the “One”. It’s not that there is one truth it is that we are each representatives one truth, our truth.

We are incredibly powerful in our ability to attract the exact information and experiences we need.

We are unraveling our truths and we are unraveling our identity as divine creators, each one of us on different legs of our journeys. There is not one truth that we have to digest or one way to talk about something. We are magnetically pulling into us the information we need at this time and then of course building on that information. No information is irrelevant and no experience is wrong, it’s all timing.

Slander based on the accusation that the material is “dis-info” or “lies” is generally based on one person’s idea of reality and in neglect of a higher more altruistic perspective on what is going on here.

Most of the information we come across is going to be “dis-info” to some degree

This is because we have egos and our egos love to be the filter through which we speak and experience. We are always going to have a slant to what we express. The solution is to learn how to discern information and sense what is truth for you right now, take what you need and leave the rest.



When we think about magic we probably find our mind traveling to Wicca, paganism, kaballa or maybe Alistair Crowley or Satanism. Either way magic is an extremely stigmatized word. Magic often is a dismissive word that describes something happening that logic cannot explain. That said the word magic can be used to ignorantly describe phenomenon that is considered spiritual or paranormal in nature.

To me, “magic” is referring to something going from one state to another or being transmuted through means our logical mind paradigms do not understand. Naturally what we do not understand we fear, so through this writing I would like to weaken the charge of fear associated with magic and shine some light on the subject.

Back in the day people did not understand physics or most of all the potential of human beings. This prompted people to name individuals whom they did not understand magicians, witches or sorcerers. However, “magic” and “sorcery” is simply just the ability to manipulate source in order to manifest.

On a mental level we become alchemists and magicians when we take an idea and groud it into existence. Say we have a dream of buying a house and moving to the country. The process of taking that mental energy and transmuting it into the physical home is magic, it is alchemy.

On an emotional level we become magicians when we move from sadness to hopeful, or peaceful. We are magicians when we pull ourselves inward to peace from over excitement.

On the Physical level we are sorcerers when we bi-locate, levitate or dematerialize. Physical magic and alchemy is the last type of alchemy to manifest usually as it is the result of a high degree of balance from within. Ironically, people generally will not believe in magic unless it is on a physical level.

I know that it is more exciting to think that magic is Hogwarts and Harry Potter. But that is just an expression of a meme we all share that says magic is external and only for “special people”. The truth is magic stems from us as creators internally and then becomes external as we develop coherence within.

Jesus was a magician.

He was aware if and used his full potential, the feats that he performed we not “magic” or exclusive to him. He was working directly with source energy, universal energy. He did this with the intention of expressing himself in the highest form.

In the tarot the “magician” card represents this christed archetype. It represents an individual in their full power. Someone who is able to use all of their tools and abilities to manifest their highest life experience.

Magic is highly stigmatized because what it really represents is being in your OWN full personal power (not angels, not demons, not ascended masters, but your own radiant light within). It is in that place where you have full access to your abilities.

The original seeds of magic on this planet were based completely in techniques and guidance that helped us integrate and unravel our divine potential and live in 3d expressing ourselves as the divine magicians we are. They helped us integrate and ground higher information and consciousness with our physical forms as well as transmute and release stagnant energy.

Whether we like the idea of magic or not it’s happening around us all the time in big and small ways. That said, it would not be complete unless I talked about Black magic. I like to call it “Lack magic”, the “b” is optional. Black magic is really not magic at all, in fact it is the lack there of. It is a mockery and distortion of what we know as white magic.

(b)Lack magic

Discovering our ability to create magic in our lives is the highest and deepest form of sovereign power – It is also known as “white Magic”. White magic is the highest expression of magic and therefore the most powerful.

That said we wouldn’t be talking about magic unless we talked about how magic manifests in our world of polarity. Black magic is a distortion and most often created by mocking principals of white magic to siphon energy.

It exists:
1) because it is much easier to neglect personal development and responsibility than it is to face yourself.
2) It is a quick way to get a rush of egoic power which is mis-understood as life force energy.
3) From a higher perspective provide contrast in order to fully accept your responsibility as a magician.

Ultimately black magic is the complete backwards expression of white magic and is born of the intention to dominate, control and manipulate. The reason why this is done is because they need it to feel alive, not to actually physically survive, but to feel alive.

When Other Peoples Opinions Anger You.

If someone’s message/words rattles you to the point of anger it is time to look within yourself.

When this happens to me I ask myself: “What belief systems am I carrying right now that are not allowing me to connect with this information.”

Many times an old paradigm will float to the surface. It is usually a paradigm that has not been expanded upon lately leaving it feeling like hard stone walls in my heart and mind. I see these walls working as a gate keeper of new experiences, new information and expansion.

I now know that this is my cue to let go of the walls- Scary at first but now, liberating.

I have noticed that when I come across false information I feel no desire to speak out against it and I do not feel threatened by it. Deep in my being I know that others will see beyond it just as I have.

There are many times when I see people speaking what I would consider “half truths” and at the end of the day I do not condone the information that they are sharing. That said, I do greatly respect their ability to share information from their hearts and I do trust their ability to navigate this matrix for they are just as divine as I am.

Whales Phone Home

Whales Phone Home.

In a very vivid meditation I found myself connecting very deeply with a whale. This whale communicated telepathically with me as well as showed me images. Its message to me was:

That whales are holding a specific frequency for the Earth as well as acting as transponders for another planet, I believe to be Sirius. The whale showed me an image of its spinal cord where I noticed beautiful glowing chakras or vortex points. Near the end of its spine it zoomed in and showed me that it was through that specific energy center it transmitted messages back to its home planet. The messages were about the current events and progress on the planet. There was a sense of duty to these beings and a very strong heart connection to the planet they were communicating with. It was clear to me that even though they were incarnated on Earth their hearts were with their “home” planet. I also got a strong message that they are “peace generators”, beings who incarnate on a planet who have an overwhelmingly deep peaceful and centered vibration. They incarnate on planets in order to hold a foundation of peace in order for other beings and Gaia to draw upon. They are extremely advanced beings and they will work with you and communicate with you in your dreams and meditations.


As we move from complete fascination and obsession with the external we allow our inner divine expression to unravel. We are realizing that power, information and healing all come from within. We sink into sovereignty.

Each day is full of infinite small moments where we meet ourselves.

The love that we feel for others is actually the love we feel for ourselves and the depth of our love for each other is the capacity in which we allow love into our cells.

Mind Control.

Mind Control.

The only way some one or something else can control your mind is if you are not.

Mind control although at first glance can seem damning and depressing is actually only allowed to occur because we lack presence in our lives. If you are not present it becomes easy for frequencies and even other people’s personal energies to affect you. It’s kind of like leaving the car running with no one in the driver seat.

However you do not need to constant attention on yourself in an obsessive way to start to take control back. You really just need to start a mindfulness practice and re-train your brain to become sensitive to slight changes in your vibrational field and consciousness. You can to this through remembering (at random times during the day) to bring yourself back to your body and take a reading as to how you feel. Be inquisitive with yourself so you can get a base line of what is natural for you. Trust your gut and heart chakra to provide intuitions as to what energies you are taking in and where they are coming from.

Many people will speak openly about mind control programs and how they affect you, however, I rarely hear peoples personal experiences with mind control. This seems to leave this issue feeling a bit ambiguous – the kind of ambiguity that makes me uncomfortable.

I believe that mind control is a broad subject that includes numerous approaches some involving machines that emit frequencies while other are subtler. Here are the different types of mind control that I am aware of either through my own experience of through people whom I work with.

Frequency blocks:

I have had times where I am speaking to people (usually about a “certain topic”) and suddenly I feel as though I am moving through mud. I get foggy I can’t recall the full message of what I was trying to say. I would go from a clear inspired mind to completely confused and forgetful as to what I was talking about. It was a struggle to even get words out. One time I got so sick of it I clairvoyantly took a look at what was going on and I saw a cloud of heavy metallic energy forming around my third eye and crown. I got an intuition when I inquired as to what it was doing there that said, it is blocking your higher dimensional faculties so you cannot receive information.

I pushed through this experience and got the message out that I had planned. This doesn’t happen to me as much since I’ve really been working on becoming present. I found that the more grounded and connected I became the less of an effect it had. I am not clear as to the source of this type of interference it felt technological.

Fear Images:

The next type of mind control that I have become aware of is the insertion of images, feelings or thoughts that are not yours. This is done for numerous reasons but the most common is: give warnings, to discourage, or to frighten. This is done through inserting a specific low frequency into your bio-energetic field that resonates fearful experiences forward. They are not actually generating the images, emotions or thoughts but running a vibration through you that brings them forward.

I have heard many accounts and have a few of my own when it comes to a foreign picture, or event being placed in ones mind usually of something tragic and hurtful happening. A good friend of mine kept getting very strong images in her mind of a dog very close to her being hit by a train near her house. As a very intuitive person she was able to recognize that this was not her thought, she followed the thought back to a specific source that was actually purposefully sending them to her to inhibit her work. I have also followed these images back to unnatural sources.

Remote Viewers:

Remote viewers are not mind control, really. However they do have a connection to the technology and the beings that are involved in “mind control”. Remote viewrs don’t necessarily go into our minds but they are trained to monitor people and their spiritual development. When people have kundalini awakenings or begin raising their vibration they become very interesting to certain faculties. Remote viewers have more than once appeared in the room when there are high vibrational events going on at the Healing House. A few months ago three people saw the same person flash into the room. It appears that remote viewers are trained or have technology that scans areas for high spikes in vibrational frequencies that may indicate a spiritual or enlightening experience. One time a friend of mine was having a kundalini experience while doing yoga and noticed a foreign being flip into his space to check him out.

No One Can Really Control Your Mind.

Ironically part of a long-term campaign for mind control is to:

1) convince people that mind control exists (…OMG!).

2) not give them any solutions or real answers.

If you don’t have control over your mind, then really what do you have control over? This is the ultimate paradigm to encourage hopelessness and victim mentality. If we speak about mind control without providing solutions we become a banner carrier for disempowerment. Awareness is only awareness if we can take action steps and learn tools to integrate the information.

There is obviously certain technologies and beings involved in tampering with our mental bodies. However the reason why these beings are doing this is not necessarily purely domination and control. It can be easily debated that these experiences happen to get us to reconnect and become mindful. They are finding a loophole in our awareness and calling us on it. The bottom line is whether it be a mechanical frequency device or a being that is interacting with your bio-energetic bodies, it’s our own fault. No one can have access to any level of our being unless we give him or her access. The crappy part is that we are giving them access by default; we don’t realize that it is our lack of presence that is the foundation for their intrusion. It also does not help that mind control is widely spoken about but not from an empowering perspective.

That said, here are some solutions that have worked for me:

Become present and mindful during the day.


Do activities that keep your vibration high: spend time in nature, laughing, music you enjoy, people you enjoy. (if you get your vibration high enough these technologies will not work on you and the beings will find it very difficult to get a leg in).

Stay grounded.

Watch less television, as it is actually long term mind control. Television also puts us in disconnected vulnerable hypnotic states. If you really love your T.V at least bring your self back to the present moment during the commercials!!

There is no technology or being(s) that can override your consciousness, ever. You always have the power, you always have the control.