The Feminine and Creativity.




Hi Gigi!,



Thanks so much for your insightful videos on Youtube.  I was wondering if you had any insights about what a book chapter on creativity should have in light of the reemergence of the feminine influence?  Is it solely about intuition or more?  Thanks for your reply!



Chris (male)



Hello Chris,



Thank you for asking this question. Each individual has a feminine polarity and masculine polarity and the creative process, the process in which all inspired thoughts are brought forward in the material world, has both masculine cycles and feminine cycles. In order to manifest we must be able to run our inspired ideas and plans through both our masculine and feminine expression. This means we must take action (masculine) at certain times yet wait, allow, and be receptive, and surrendered at others (feminine). This balance between becoming the void and being introspective (feminine) and carrying out the information and frequency adjustments (masculine) that were received within the feminine cycle is the engine of creativity is the dance of the creative process.



In regards to specifically understanding the feminine in relation to the creative process.



The feminine is expressed differently in everyone depending on their unique expression, however, some tell-tale signs that the feminine polarity is at play is: Stillness, introspection, darkness, softness, vastness, slow, undulating, strength through gentleness, receptive, raw creative energy, growth through nurturing, emotion, intuitive insights. Those are all expressions that form within us that are based in the feminine core polarity.



So when it comes to the reemergence of the feminine in regards to the creative process we are looking at a prominent tendency to surrender to our creative process more, to yield to the flow, and become open. Creatively, the masculine wants to act, he wants to attack things, he wants to be busy, he wants things to happen now. When he is imbalanced or immature he may think that he can use force to create, he may not understand that there is a great deal of action in inaction, which is the core of the feminine phase of creation- Action through inaction.



It is already done.



The reemergence of the feminine asks us to understand that “it” is already done. That everything we are creating is already complete in it’s highest form and that the only thing separating us is our core vibrational frequency in relation to it. Once our core frequency consistently matches the core frequency of that in which we are trying to create through aligned actions we are able to manifest exactly what we are wanting and needing.




Creativity comes from aligning with your higherself: Co-creating.



The feminine reminds us that creation is co-creation, that we are aligning with our higherself, listening to it’s instruction, and trusting ourselves enough to genuinely receive insights that lead to inspired action. The thing about this “inspired action” is that it comes from quiet, surrendered alignment with the feminine; very little action is needed. Intuition based action is precise, efficient, and without struggle as it is supported by the rhythms that make up creation itself.



The balanced feminine allows, she acts from intuition, she lets things come, she waits (allows things to gestate) until she is balanced and things are clear and ready to be birthed. She understands and even enjoys the the slow or unclear times and  lets them move through her knowing that in time all will be revealed. She knows that the 3d world around her now is malleable and responsive to the raw frequency that she cultivates within her, not the other way around.



There is action in inaction.



The feminine creation phase is about being open, allowing, being gentle with ones self, and understanding that stillness and inaction is by no means unproductive. The feminine asks us to release our ideals about working hard and sacrificing and invites us to soften into who we truly are and allow the world we desire to manifest around us. When we oscillate into a feminine cycle we are called to embrace and feel our emotions, no matter how extreme or repressed. She knows that our emotions determine our experience and any denial or distortion of our emotional process constipates our ability to genuinely feel the clear truth of our soul. She knows that without a connection to our higher self everything that should be beautiful makes us ache with pain rooted in a blindness that formed from our own self neglect and ignorance.



When it comes to creativity your feminine polarity will remind you that it is already done and that creating is just as much about alignment, and surrender as it is about physically working. The feminine is raw creative potential and when we align with it we have access to incomprehensible insight and inspiration. When we align with that raw force we begin co-creating with the very source that beats our heart and turns the seasons, it is the seat of creativity itself. The masculine is the energy that carries out the insights that are brought through this feminine process. The feminine is open and gathers, becomes pregnant with potential through receptivity, openness and intuition; while the masculine carries out the actions that are needed to ground the raw energy coming through the feminine. He acts upon the ideas that come forward from the feminine cycle, he brings them to life in the material world.  Together through the back and forth of  feminine and masculine, surrender, and receptivity  and inspiration, to refining, building and giving structure through action,  the masculine and feminine birth all things into this world.



I hope that helps,



It rests infinitely within us.

If you are not living from your heart, in your purpose, you will always crave it. You will feel a quiet, hollow, ache spreading and vacant behind everything that you do. 

People you love will become thieves robbing you of things that are impossible to take. You will project the debt you have created within yourself, by your own building neglect, onto them.

In turn, your work will steal from you. It will conventionally devour your time, your youth, and your creativity. You will forget, and maybe even fear the fire of your own sun as you leave your heart to hollow. 

And in this slow strangling you realize that the best way to be, moment to moment, whether it makes sense or not, is dancing loud in the hum of your heart- No apologies, no negotiating. 

There is no such thing as putting your heart aside to pick up at a later date when you feel you finally have everything in order. We do not need to sacrifice the moment now for a better one later. That is hiding.

Exactly what we need and want in real time, and how to get it, rests infinitely within us. Brave, calm, and detached enough for genuine vision to form we learn how to become ourselves.



Elven and Pleiadian Names.

Elven and Pleiadian Names.

Like many Pleiadian names end in “ah” or have a strong “ah” sound (representing the heart) many elven names end in “wyn” meaning “one”. 

They will have a distinguishing word about the frequency of their soul that is relevant in this incarnation and then the sound “wyn”. For example Hardwyn (roll the “R’ with softer ‘D sound) meaning “Hard One” or “Strong One” eluding to a steadfast or determined nature of ones base soul frequency.

Pleiadian names tend to be musical and representative of the sound or rhythm of ones soul. They are still descriptive but in a different way, they elude to the feeling of the soul; for example “Anilah” pronounced Ahhh-nye- lahhh has a meaning but is more strongly symbolic of the feeling and rhythm of their heart, core, frequency; of their unique song.



How about doing a video where you discuss the value of breathing?  I bet we would agree that nothing links us to our creative source and is more beneficial than our breathing.  You might consider talking about breathing from a meditative stand point, the exercise perspective, and also explain what is happening when we naturally draw in a deep sighing breath of air whenever we adjust our current perspective to one that is softer, lighter, or more positive than the thought we were previously holding.  It is my knowing that every breath of air is inundated with the very energy of that which many refer to as God.  I bet you could explain and articulate this in a very meaningful dialog. 


Have a Rock star kind of day! Cheers! 



Thank You for asking this Question Shay, it’s a good one. There is lot’s of information about breathwork and meditation out there especially getting into the traditions heavily based in meditation such as pranayama, yogic philosophy and Buddhism.

One interesting thing about our breath is that it is a tool that allows us to see how we are feeling and where our mind is, our breath is an indicator of our overall vibrational frequency; our overall state of being. How we take in air represents how we take in life.

Breath sets your rhythm.

As our breath is directly connected to our state of being we can reverse engineer our mood by becoming aware of our breath when it begins to become erratic or short. When we feel anxious our body begins to constrict and tighten, our breath shortens and we get less oxygen, we begin subtly starving ourselves. When we begin to take longer deeper breaths we infuse ourselves with calm, we flood our body with life force and we open making room for insight and awareness to whatever is causing our anxiety. Breathing properly brings our consciousness back into alignment, which is the only place where the root of anxiety or stress can be unwound and released.

Breathing properly during exercise and meditation.

Our ability to bring awareness to it as we exercise and meditate indicates our ability to be present and consciously connect the seen and unseen aspect of ourselves. When we can consciously connect the seen and unseen aspects of our self, the manifested with the un-manifested, we become a direct channel for creation, our prana, or life force energy finally flows as it was meant to. When our life force energy funnels through us the way our form intended we begin to become high functioning individuals and fall into our highest potential. This is especially true when we choose to breathe through times where it may become challenging to become present with our breath, such as exercise or meditation.

The deep sighing breath.

Drawing in a deep sighing breath is a powerful way to reset your system as with deep breathing we bring nourishment to ourselves on all levels. We also tend to even out our focus when we take a conscious breath, perhaps bringing awareness to the heart with energy that was previously spinning in the mind. A deep breath can be a symbol to the subconscious mind to relax, become calm and give into the deeper rhythm your higher-self.

Breathing is so much more than breathing.

It is often the simplest things that bring the deepest change and working with our breath is a perfect example of this. We often think that creating change in our lives is more about action and “doing”, when in reality “being” is just as important. Being, breathing, allows a solid foundation to be created so the “doing” is meaningful and fulfilling.

All structures that are not built on the foundation of the heart are bound to break. Breathing is a beautiful practice that magnifies and brings us back to the feeling and rhythm of our higherself/ heart. When we get back to the basics and become our breath, we finally become quiet enough to hear who we are- What we are.

Breathing mirrors the expansion and contraction that creates movement and growth within the universe. Inhale represents inward motion, feminine, contraction/being, darkness, gathering, receiving and the exhale represents masculine, outward motion, sun/light, action/doing, and expansion. It is the oscillation between these two basic expressions that create movement, progression and life itself.

Therefore, our ability to breathe smoothly represents our ability to live smoothly. Our breath becomes a representation of how we live and what we manifest in our lives. It represents our ability to run with the universe, to move with it, to move as it does, the way we are supposed to.  Steady, aware breath is a steady, aware life. Breathing with the rhythm of your heart enables a state within your consciousness where you can finally become all that you know you are. You finally become consistent and deep enough to hold and ground progressively greater versions of your own soul.


Death, Dying, Murderers, Suicide.

Hi Gigi,

Can you do a video about the death and how we transition? What about murders and suicides?

 Thank You,




What happens when we die?


Death, even though we all die, is a largely subjective experience. What people go through is going to be based upon their belief systems and the specific vibrational tone of their soul, the specific nature of their soul. So this topic cannot really be discussed in general or certain terms. Dying is the ultimate journey into the unknown and how we feel about it in this life can represent our relationship with the un-manifested world, the dark and mysterious unknown.


In general when we die our consciousness, which never dies, only transforms, pulls itself away from the physical form and begins re-integrating into source energy. It can do this through consciously re-connecting with the oversoul or the higher- self. As it re-connects it re-members its multidimensionality and begins integrating its experiences in its previous 3d incarnation. The soul then begins functioning from a multidimensional perspective as is not limited by the paradigms of 3d reality. We can get glimpses of this experience via astral travel or lucid dreaming, as in those situations our consciousness is less connected to the physical world and playing beyond time and space.


This refocussing of your core energy,  can be experienced as going through a tunnel or light, floating, bliss or a feeling of re-joining with source or even the re-connecting of family members. That said it can also be described as a feeling of going downward into a heavier density, being pulled into flames (  hell fire 😦  ) feeling scrutinized, or even being tortured.


The truth is your death experience depends on you. It is based in your belief system and also whatever measures are needed to bring your soul back into balance upon “crossing over.” If you have fearful belief systems about death you may experience death through that filter. You may create that experience for yourself in order to release or understand certain decisions and experiences you  made throughout your life. If you are more open and positive it is likely that you will have an experience that is in line with that reality. It is important to understand that life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening from you.


What about Murderers and other “bad’ people? If we create our death experience then what about people who hurt others in their lives, is there  retribution for them?


Individuals who hurt others and live destructive lives are filtering life force energy in a very distorted way. Every soul goes through extreme distortions like this and polarizing oneself from their basic true divine frequency is part of the evolution of the soul. In the larger picture this extreme polarizing, or disconnecting from divine energy, helps provide depth, insight, and deeply confirms the true core purpose of the soul. Without this disconnection it is possible that the soul would not move into it’s highest form and truly know itself, and that we are all one.


Retribution, is very real for these souls, however, how they experience that retribution will be unique to them and directly in line with the root, or reasons, as to why they caused so much pain in their lives to begin with.


It can be difficult to understand this considering the intense and very real pain and trauma that this kind of distorted personality can inflict. Often times we feel like seeing or knowing that these distorted individuals are punished or tortured will heal our pain, however, it is exactly that misunderstanding that creates and perpetuates tyrannical and psychopathic behaviour. The truth is individuals that are disconnected and lost enough to hurt others do not need to be tortured or punished, they need to be rehabilitated- reconnected to their own heart as well as the collective heart. It can be very trying, but grasping the bigger picture, even just a little, can help us soften into compassion, and when we have compassion we create space for wounds to heal.


When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. When we uplift others we uplift ourselves. It is that simple.  When an individual goes through a life inflicting pain they create the darkest waves that they in turn must journey into in order to bring full integration and understanding to their experience. When this happens they finally have the opportunity to come full circle and know, not understand, but know, that we are one, everyone is connected, and the only real choice is love.


What about traumatic deaths and suicides?



Many times when there is mental illness, drug abuse, or simply large amounts of pain individuals can decide to take their own lives. How they cross over depends on their intention and clarity upon taking their lives. If there is deep confusion and disconnection from the higherself/soul, then many times these souls are re-habilitated upon transitioning out of body. The confusion anxiety and pain must be unwound and brought back into balance, the soul has to be brought back into re-alignment with its base tone before it can begin understanding, integrating and journeying in the higher dimensions again. The life experience must be integrated within the consciousness in order to gain understanding and fully utilize that incarnational experience. Part of our drive to incarnate into this world is to learn and experience, so the integration of our experience is important even when we cross over to the other side.


A New Rhythm

Soft, hushed, and covered in visions from the night she opened into warm, velvet heartbeats. It was the first time the sun had smiled in a long while, or at least that she had noticed. 

Still and porcelain she could feel pale, pink petals laying themselves one by one on her bones, their fragrance seeping into the tiny holes that once kept marrow.

They laid themselves, delicate and light, over wet, gaping wounds raw, ugly and forgotten. 

They pressed into webs and knots, loosening her new hands and leaving the taste of perfume on her tongue behind her nose. 

Even in their softness they sat with dying, black, sticky things that formed in the corners of her body without her knowing. They touched the darkness that crept out only in disguises or in the shape of heartbreak.

One by one everything that would not live within the new rhythm of her heart melted away. Some disappeared into the thick mud by the river, smothering themselves into another world entirely. 

Every morning, dew would gather behind her eyes, dripping down her spinal cord leaving beads of water to wait on the serpents head.  

Eventually waxy green shoots will pierce her skin, stretching outward to finally feel the air; searching for the sun. Thorns will come, pushing out and curving downward like talons to protect the sleeping buds. Thick roots will twist themselves around her ribcage leading her bones into the ground. 

Soon all anyone will see is cluster of rose where there once stood a girl.  

Soon all anyone will feel is the hiss of a white serpent before it disappears into the grass.





A storm of Paradigms

Time Gaps in Manifesting.

This is for everyone who has felt the pangs of panic and nearly lost themselves in a pool of becoming less than they truly are.

So, you are manifesting stuff and its just not happening. You’re getting mad and demanding and you are losing faith in the “universe.” What the heck does that mean anyway, “universe”, thats just completely ambiguous, it’s so ambiguous that it makes you uncomfortable. How can you trust something you clearly do not understand? You may be seriously reconsidering your sanity. I mean, really? Creating my own reality? I can’t do that and I am just a small part of a world I cannot control. Maybe I should just take a job somewhere or get back together with that person I don’t really like ( or some other standard lowering action) to make ends meet, at least I would feel more productive and wouldn’t be alone. Right?

First of all STOP. Stop with the doubting, second guessing, the settling and the standard lowering. It is unattractive ;). You are just experiencing a lull in your creative process, it is not time to panic, it is time to go inward and find out why you are feeling paralyzed. You can always get still when you feel this way and answers will come and you will move forward again. Breathe. You can do this.

When we feel our hope slowly turning into doubt it is important to become aware of it immediately and halt all thought. say “freeze” really loud in your mind and step outside of your cognitive process this way you can observe your behavoir as opposed to spiralling downwards into that gross place you told yourself you weren’t going to go anymore. It will still feel confusing as you step out of yourself, as you are steeped in the emotions of the moment, but the longer you can realize that you are not those thoughts and observe them, the more sober you become.

Going into observer mode is a powerful tactic to use when you feel you are slipping into the lower emotional frequencies. When we create distance through observer mode we are activating the part of us that is beyond the personality, beyond the ego. When we do that our higherself will begin to blend into our consciousness. Slowly at first and then faster as you become practiced in this work. You higher-self has infinite intelligence and knows exactly what to do and exactly what to say. So when you give it some space inside of you allow it to begin untying the knots that were strangling you and as it does it will reveal to you the underlying aspects of why you were feeling that way to begin with. You will begin to see patterns and aspects of yourself and others that you would not have had the perspective to see had you not stepped back.

Through this process of stepping back and letting your higherself step in (like a mystical tag-team) you begin building a new foundation. The reason why you are feeling lost is because a storm of two opposing paradigms has welled up inside of you. A low and a high, a low vibrational paradigm and a high vibrational paradigm.  A stormy battle ensues when these patterns meet and it is your choice which one goes on to live inside you. They both can’t, not unless you want to feel confused and torn on a regular basis. You must become still, you must get your barrings. When belief systems collide our conscious mind is too close to actually understand, it will generally choose the one that it has invested in (the old one) as it finds comfort and control in knowing how to use it. So, it cannot be trusted, you have to let your higherself in so it can show you the aspects your conscious mind cannot interpret. Once this happens, once you stand back it is your choice which paradigm you integrate from that moment onward. You cast your vote by the choices and actions you take in regards to the subject that is causing you the confusion. You choose by acting or reacting. Most of the time this isn’t even a conscious process, however it can be, and in your consciousness awareness you can completely shift your thoughts, feelings and behavior.



Can not feeling safe to begin with attract a stalker? What to do about being terrorized.

Hey Gigi,

I have a suggestion: How to deal with manifestations that manifest quicker and stronger?!?

My Twin soul is dealing with very strong issues that are manifesting. “Knowing” how stuff works still doesn’t make the apparent “threat” any less fearful. For instance: She has fears regarding being safe, and is now being threatened by a stalker. As we all know the authorities can’t do anything without “hard” evidence. These situations are manifesting on a quicker and scarier level..

If not a video, a reply would be greatly appreciated.



(BTW, Love the work your doing)

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for taking the time to write me and share your story. It sounds like you are going through some very intense times.  As with the discovery of personal issues or patterns it can be really productive to consider the spiritual roots that are the foundation of what is happening in our lives. So it is really good that you guys are digging deep and considering that the reason why someone is making you feel unsafe (stalker) has to do with a deeper pattern of you feeling chronically unsafe.

Finding the root to kill the weed.

Perhaps there have been past circumstances that have caused your partner to feel this way? If that is the case than it is important to begin working from where these experiences began, the root. Was there a specific time in the past where your partner began not trusting the world around him/her or not feeling safe? When did this happen? How did this happen? What emotions did it bring forward? How did it impact your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and world view compared to how you were before? Even though it may be painful to bring forward experiences that feed into a pattern of not feeling safe, it can help us understand and therefore release our fear. Fear has a stronger hold on our psyche when we let its initial discomfort keep us from working through it and using it as the tool that it is. More often than not the honest realization that a pattern exists is enough to immediately begin shifting your frequency as our consciousness stops seeing the fear pattern as based in an actual threat and lets it go.

If someone is stalking you, terrorizing you or bullying you it is not your fault. Everyone deserves to feel safe and peaceful.

It is important to note that it is NEVER your fault if someone is stalking you or trying to terrorize you. There is nothing that you could do to someone to make that an OK option. You do not deserve to be terrorized or stalked you deserve to feel safe, loved, and happy all the time. If someone is doing these things to you they have fallen into some serious distortions within their consciousness, most likely to do with control and power issues that, believe it or not, have nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own ideas of power and control.

Love yourself and take care of yourself in order to develop a strong, healthy vibrational frequency.

Sometimes we can feel guilty or low and think that we deserve ill treatment but in reality it is never the case so it is important to hold strongly in your heart and body, affirm it if you have to, that you are entitled to joy, love, peace and harmony. As creatures of vibration in a world of resonance the best defence is a good offence so feel your value, beauty and worth very strongly. Engage in acts of pampering and self love. Begin eating well, drinking lots of water, start meditating more often, exercise, take up that hobby that you always wanted.

Take care of yourself without guilt. Begin building a stronger internal world and making yourself a priority. Activities that allow love to be generated within your system give you a very strong presence in this world.  This may feel like the last thing you want to do but that is precisely why you need to do it. If you start nurturing and loving yourself you begin to magnetize yourself to some very high vibrational energy. When that genuinely happens negative situations begin resolving themselves and you begin to expand into situations that inspire you as opposed to frighten you. I’m not talking about going and getting a mani-pedi, or running a bubble bath for half an hour and feeling completely selfish about it the entire time. No, sorry that won’t do. I’m talking honestly and truly investing in yourself through taking the initiative to bravely listen to your heart and follow through with what you genuinely need to do/think/experience in order to feel good moment to moment. I’m talking taking active responsibility in bringing yourself to feelings of peace, love, appreciation and happiness if you begin to feel yourself sinking into the gutter of the emotional scale.

Prioritizing your health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) brings you into your optimal state where even when fearful things happen you automatically move into a higher perspective and get intuition on how to navigate it in a way where all involved can move into the highest resolution for the situation. When we slip into fear or panic to too long we unknowingly perpetuate situations that validate the fear and panic. This can be confusing as sometimes we feel that fear and panic makes our issue more valid or serious, or perhaps we will get attention which can feel good when we are vulnerable. However when our vibrational frequency is overcome with fear, self pity, panic, or stress of any kind for a long period of time, we simply do not have access to our higherselves and the wisdom that is waiting there. When we become still, listen and bring love into our hearts we begin getting answers, inspiration and ultimately strong enough to move through whatever it is that is in from of us.

Get help.

It is also important to stay grounded, keep notes, and keep the police and people you love informed as many times these situations benefit form a strong support system and the collaboration of many caring and qualified individuals. Ignoring serious situations will not make them go away, even as “spiritual” people we must do our due diligence. It can help to remember that counsellors, police officers, friends and family have intuition and insights that can really help you, involving them in your situation allows them to bring their unique abilities forward and can take pressure off you. Many times we cannot see ourselves as clearly as we see others, so in tough situations like this it is helpful to allow others to help you.

I hope this helps,



Opening the Third Eye.

Opening the third eye




First and foremost it must be said that threshold systems within the body open/release/balance all the chakras/ energetic points in the exact order that you consciousness can handle in the exact time that they need to be opened. This opening happens with no conscious attention necessary. There is no actual need to directly target a chakra and open it unless you would like to play with the experience of opening it for fun.


Clairvoyance is an intense ability to have.


Clairvoyance and the ability to perceive higher spectrums of energy is connected to the third eye or 6th chakra. This means that as that chakra is brought into balance, we begin to re-gain our ability to see beyond this 3d world. Initially we may begin to see colours or little flashes of light. We may get visions or images projected in our mind or we may even begin seeing other worldly things with our physical eyes. This is a big deal, it can be very intense and shocking to begin perceiving beyond what we have been taught is “real” in this world. For this reason your third eye, and the re-gaining of all the abilities that it represents, will only come forward when there is a specific amount of coherence or balance within the body. This is to protect you from any psychological shock or damage that may occur when if we begin to open up too quickly.


Your coherency determines when your third eye starts to fire up.


When there is a deep level of balance within our consciousness consistently, especially when we are going through stressful situations, our higherselves will begin to see us as stable enough to handle the responsibility of more abilities and begin expanding and healing the areas of the physical and etheric body that will allow us to take on more psychic energy. So, in other words, your higherself will automatically open you up as your body begins to move into a balanced enough state in order to handle the responsibility of those kind of openings.


Grounding can lead to opening up to higher dimensional energies associated with the third eye.


Many times if we focus directly on a chakra we believe needs to be opened we can feel frustrated as it seems that even though we are putting in all this effort nothing seems to be happening. This is because our entire energetic system is intertwined. All of our chakras, etheric bodies, physical body and everything in between are all connected. They all function in a chain reaction in order for one to shift we may need to bring balance to another in order to keep our system flowing properly. We may not realize consciously that our sacral chakra needs to be opened/cleared before we can open our third eye. In many cases individuals who carry a great deal of spiritual energy naturally need to focus on grounding and working with the lower chakras before they can move further within their upper energetic system. More often than not as soon as they begin focusing on grounding and bringing more awareness and intention into the physical world they burst into higher levels of awareness and creativity. We need deep roots before we can expand upward.


So, what I am trying to say about opening the third eye is that perhaps the most effective way to directly open it is to focus on bringing yourself into the highest level of coherency possible. That may mean looking into an area of your life that seems completely unrelated as the more we expand the more we see that everything is connected. I could list off foods to eat that resonate with the pineal, or tell you to stare at an indigo crystal for 6 minutes and 6 seconds, but in reality the most effective way to open a chakra or gain intuitive abilities is to focus on yourself as whole understanding that when you honestly do that you WILL unfold in the most beautiful way. You will gain more abilities and your life will improve in the exact direction you need it to. It is that simple. Awakening is simple whether it be your third eye or not: Eat clean, meditate, play, be kind, create, drink lots of water, move your body, love yourself, follow your heart. If you can manage those things your third eye will not be able to not open, it will be inevitable, along with your happiness.



How Do I Deal With Negativity and Drama?

Hey Gigi,

I love your videos. Can you please speak about how to deal with drama and negativity from other other people? Especially how to act when someone is being directly rude to you?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for writing me Sarah. I completely hear you on this one. Especially when we are tired, hungry and over-worked.

I just want to start off and say that it is an honour to be love for someone when they have slipped into their darkest patterns. It is a complete, alchemical, transformational gift to be able to hold the presence of love while someone around you is completely lost in their pain. It may be the exact opposite thing you feel like doing, but, do it anyway, love them anyway. This means that when a family member, friend, spouse, or co-worker is acting from a place of disconnection, and pain it is your highest calling to move into your higher perspective and not engage. This ability can take time to cultivate, its not easy holding a space for love and being the bigger person, and to be honest, it’s not supposed to be.

In these circumstances we not only see the persons ego, and pain, but our own, that is why it is so difficult. Becoming love, which feels like: calm, peace, patience, higher perspective, compassion, open space, flexibility etc,, allows you to acknowledge, override, and release your issues while turning into a mirror for the other person to release theirs. When you hold space for someone without engaging it makes their behavior more obvious on a very deep level and they are more likely to realize that certain patterns are more harmful than helpful.

It might not feel very rewarding as you disengage into your higher knowing in the midst of drama. However, it is the most productive, rewarding and of course the most spiritually gratifying thing you can do in a situation like that. You may not be able to do it every time, it is not about being perfect, it is simply becoming aware that you have a choice in how to react and understanding that you can completely shift the energy in a situation through your awareness.

At first this process can feel pointless and your ego may tell you that you are being “disrespected” or “taken advantage” of on some level but in reality no one can disrespect you or take advantage of you, really. Our self respect and self worth are feelings we have about ourselves not something another person can take away. How someone else treats you is not an indicator of who YOU are as a person it is an indicator of who THEY are as a person. Further, what you buy into, and how you perceive how others treat you indicates what you truly believe about yourself. If you sincerely believe that another human being can take away your worth or your ability to respect yourself you are opening yourself up to experiences where that belief is proven to you. You will find yourself a victim time after time until you realize you had “it” in you all along.

Anyway, the best thing to do when you are experiencing negativity from others is to immediately become calm, if you don’t initially feel it get yourself there by lengthening your breathing. Slow your mind, bring it as close to stillness as possible. When you do this you begin changing frequencies or raising your vibrational frequency. As you raise your frequency you begin to see the situation in a different light. You begin to understand more perspectives and even get a sense for a few different timelines that are forming in relationship to the experience you are having. More information becomes available to you and you move into a space where you are so full that any ideas that you are not worthy or completely awesome become non-sense. Dramatic moments are generally dramatic because they are charged with huge amounts of mental and emotional energy. That energy is powerful and when you slow down and bring yourself to love you are able to harness the energy of drama properly. You become an instrument of the highest good, you become love.

Sometimes when we hear “be love” we interpret it as be a “push over” or “put up with stuff that is abusive in order to be positive.” Being love is not about being positive. It is not about ignoring peoples behaviour and accepting individuals that are abusive. Being love is about developing the discipline and knowledge to raise your vibrational frequency in circumstances that are difficult for you in order to ensure that things move forward in the best direction possible. It doesn’t work if we just intellectualize love and then act from what we have decided love is or what we think it should be. Love is felt, and when you feel love within yourself you immediately begin shifting into your highest expression.

When you finally allow yourself to connect with your heart and bring love forward it may tell you to leave a relationship, or move to a new city. You may feel very strongly that you need to become assertive and find the exact words you need to say in order to restore balance. You may find yourself calming down and a new perspective coming forward that allows you to release any stress or tension you are holding. The bottom line is that when you raise your vibrational frequency to be more in line with love than fear the exact behaviour, thought process, or emotion that you need to restore balance to your system will come forward. Love is the vibrational frequency that allows us to create the ultimate homeostasis, when truly anchored in the vibration of love you will say and do the exact things that lead to the best outcome for all involved.

So, now that we have caught onto this, it is our job to hold this space and be love as much as possible. Even when we’re vengeful, or frustrated, or it seems really rewarding to be a jerk. At the end of the day there is no bigger teaching moment than genuinely holding space for someone being absolutely terrible to you. In fact, most people will never see the err in their ways, or how destructive they are until someone around them stops engaging with them. It is only in the disengaging, or refusing to match frequencies that makes us question ourselves. As humans we always want to feel as though we are understood and in a backwards way engaging on the same vibrational level, especially if its negative, makes that individual feel validated. Your matching vibrational response (ie. anger to anger) simply encourages the belief systems within them that caused them to lash out in the first place.

When we disengage and calm ourselves into a loving frequency there is no distraction, there is simply them experiecing the rawness of their own pain. Eventually, if no one spirals into their pain vortex with them they will have no choice but to experience their pain so deeply that they chose to let it go once and for all. Many times it is the genuine experience of our pain/darkness that we finally let it go.