Star Beings – We Attract What We Are.

Our cosmic consciousness’ are beginning to open and we are in realization that there are beings and consciousness’ beyond what we know consciously. Our interactions with these space beings represents interactions with more personalized aspects of our higher-selves.

We Are Equals

All star beings are experiencing just as we are and therefore imperfect and should be understood as such. There are beings who are mainly a light body who experience very little internal or external polarity, from our perspective they seem god like. In our experiences with them we would not be able to sense or relate to any negativity from them, this is because they are beyond our spectrum of recognition. Often times these beings are known as “creator beings” and the reason we cannot fully perceive them is because they are far beyond our dimension and need to “step down to be seen”. Other beings however, deal with heavier levels of polarity and their own karmic pull which can help us understand where they are coming from and what to do with their information. It is in their, and our, best interest that as we establish connections with these beings we view our contacts (physical or otherwise) as a mentor-ship or consult of two sovereign beings. This prevents any karmic loops from from forming and having this as our intention attracts beings who have a pure agenda.

How We Draw in the Beings.

The beings that we attract into our lives, good or bad, are invited. This is not a conscious invitation, of course not, it is and unconscious invitation. Our “unconscious” refers to a multi dimensional energetic mass that is directly connected to our conscious minds. This mass is a conglomerate of frequencies that relate to our existence here, it is also seamlessly connected to the oversoul. It is within your unconscious that all of your karma is contained as well as experiences and knowledge. Our conscious minds are not able to readily pull from it or even become fully aware of it because it would be extremely overwhelming to say the least. So, it is the frequencies of our unconscious (also known as subconscious or super-conscious) that determines our reality and who is in it (through the law of attraction).

Becoming Conscious and Responsible

It is our conscious minds duty to process the experiences that are magnetically pulled into its awareness. Hopefully the conscious mind can work with the subconscious to transmute low vibrational or damaging karmic patterns as it is through this process that we raise our personal vibration and therefore attract higher vibrational experiences into our lives. If we have attracted a less than desirable interaction in our lives it is our responsibility to figure out what patterns lie in our subconscious that called it in. Once we become present, honest and conscious enough to see what changes need to be made the pattern begins to break down and be transmuted. The transmuted frequencies then go back into the superconscious and become the new templates for your reality.

Many people speak about negative experiences with E.T. beings even painful ones. it is important to understand that all interactions are a product of signals that we are sending out. Many people who experienced abductions or other experiences that seemed against their will actually agreed to them subconsciously or even charted before incarnation.

The Savior Meme.

This means that the beings that begin to connect with us come into our awareness via: the frequencies we are emitting and they represent the level we are currently at. Many times when we first begin to open up we experience beings who do not respect our sovereignty b/c we do not value it ourselves. We have been taught for thousands of years to give our power away through “savior memes”. These savior memes and the toxic belief that we need to be saved needs to be released in order to form healthy interactions.

I mean, really, what kind of beings and experiences are we going to attract if we believe that we are victims or not powerful enough? Can we “save” ourselves? I think so…

Global Consciousness.

The principal that we attract what we are is not just personal, it works on a global level as well. There is a collective consciousness and unconsciousness on the planet that determines what beings can enter into its boundaries. All of the Extra Terrestrial beings on this planet now or that have ever been on this planet have been invited here and will remain here until the collective consciousness’ shift to a frequency that does not support them. Or to go a bit deeper: they cannot cross the threshold into our reality unless they represent a part of us, unless on a higher level they are us.

Communicating With Your Heart.

Your heart is a way-station of information, it acts as an energetic switchboard that interprets and sends messages to the conscious mind. It translates high vibrational spiritual information from the higherself into a form that the 3.d body can understand. The more we open our hearts the more information we can take in and the more peace we have within our being the more clear the messages become.

Your heart has a frequency that it emits constantly; our conscious mind interprets that frequency as a “want.” A want is just an attraction or a recognition of something that is already coming to you. That means that a want is not something beyond you that you have to desperately manifest it is actually a signal from your heart and higher self that what you are wanting (or sometimes what that want represents) is coming to you.

It must be said as well there is a great difference between an “ego” want and a “heart” want. Heart wants are direct interpretations from the higher self traveling to the heart and then lastly to the conscious mind. Ego based wants are wants that are based in the mind and have little resonance with the heart.

The conscious mind only uses what it already recognizes.

Many times your conscious mind cannot comprehend the forces that you are receiving as it only references past experience and information to communicate with you. The mind is not actually creative it is more of a computer processor. Many times your conscious mind will interpret a heart communication and show you the closest match it can muster. For example many metaphysical healers will take psychology or other mainstream healing modalities because their conscious mind has not become aware of a better fit. An inspired flash of clairvoyance or a deep knowing come from the heart or upper chakras and override the mind or seep through only when the mind is quiet. This is why it feels as though there is trial and error when living your heart – it is uncharted waters. However once you develop a rapport with your heart it becomes easier to take the leaps and risks.

The best way to manifest a life that is in step with your soul frequency is to be at peace.

When we allow peace we open doors of opportunity all around us. Resistance in any form creates separation, which blinds you from seeing opportunities as well as your own god realization.

There is no justification for separation, it is not real.

If you are spending any time at length in frustration, anger or depression you are creating separation within your own being making in very difficult to heal. It is counterproductive to think that somehow your suffering or causing someone else to suffer will ease any kind of discomfort.

As we step down the dimensions to experience life we become separate aspects of soul conglomerates (over souls). This separation does not represent a need to feel separate or act as such. It represents the opportunity to feel the sheer joy of coming together as one even though we physically are not “One”. The main goal of separating from the oversoul was to further ground and expand upon divine aspects and expressions of its own being.

If we can release the paradigms within ourselves that create regressive separation we can change our personal frequency so much so that what we want to manifest comes to us gracefully. It is part of our life experience to feel separateness and polarity but how much rotten stew do you have to eat before you realize its rotten? It is only in our natural state of connection and peace that divine energy can flow through us and be used to manifest.

We are so interconnected that if you feel angry with someone else you cut off your own abundance. If you try to hurt someone you actually cut yourself off from opportunities. There is no way of thinking, acting or feeling that does not directly impact your frequency even if you project it at someone else or believe it is justified. Even being “righteously” angry with an oppressive government cuts you off from abundance and happiness. The higher aspects of your own being do not see a difference between you and your oppressors. In fact the only way to create any sort of change in this world is through self-awareness and living in your own integrity everyday. It is the recognition that we are vast and powerful creators, that we are god that opens the channels for a life of wealth and peace within and in the world around us.

Truth Teaching

Sooooo much information.

Right now is an amazing time to be alive. We have, at our finger tips, the ability to share information across the world at such an expansive rate it will make your head spin. With this knowledge our ability to discern information comes to the forefront of our experience. We are breaking away from our innate need to follow others and move more into following our own hearts, our personal truths. The focus shifts from shared truths (religiosity) to personal truths and the power shifts from external to internal (balance).

Truth becomes subjective as opposed to Objective.

Truth is personal. Much of spiritual information is subjective truth. That means it is not going to be truth for everyone. In fact what is truth for me may down right offend you (I’m not sorry by the way). “ Truth” becomes a stepping-stone on your path to enlightenment, and as our perspective expands so does our ability to understand and respect all opinions and views. On top of that, each on of us is so unique that we cannot all possibly express ourselves in the same way or have the same themes in our journeys.

That said, it is wildly arrogant to assume you know “the truth”; especially what is true for someone else. I find it entirely ironic that people are policing each other because they do not share their beliefs. There have been many times when I have thought someone’s work was down right ridiculous until I found out a few years later that what he or she were saying was truth, truth I was not ready for. No one was in the “wrong”, we were just on different levels. There are many different perspectives and levels of enlightenment on this planet it is silly to think that one size fits all.

We idolize teachings because we associate our personal progress with them.

When I was first discovering spiritual teachings and literature I immediately glommed onto certain teachers and became religious with their explanations of life. It hurt when people put them down, I felt as though they were putting me down. Not just me but all the transformation that I had experienced through implementing their techniques. I felt that perhaps all of my progress was false and that I was crazy or in a fantasy world. It was a painful realization but I discovered that religion is a mind-set and that we humans seem to have an innate need to create gospel, dogmas and ultimate truths.

What I know now is that I take what I need and leave the rest, I now am conscious to keep myself in the drivers seat. I allow teachings and other peoples experience to wash over me and resonate out whatever it is I need to work on. I know that I am just using other peoples information and experiences as a sounding board to help inspire and awaken me. After all we are all intricately connected and therefore all contain keys to each others awakening.

Ultimately the teacher or material is not important, what is important is that you are growing and evolving. Just because aspects of the teacher may not be perfect it does not mean all that you learned from them or personal progress you made through them invalid. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. In fact expect whatever material you come across to have incongruencies. Expect to question it and honestly look at yourself as you do so. It is possible to be skeptical yet in complete respect of the person sharing.